A Curly Hair Gel That’s Formulated For Your Curl Type

If the previous gels you tried left your mane crunchy or dry, this may be caused by an imbalance between protein and moisture levels in your scalp. A curly hair gel explicitly designed to suit your curl type could solve these issues.

Defining Cream

Gels of old may have contained drying ingredients, but modern versions are much less harsh on your curls and less drying than ever. Moroccanoil offers one moisturizer to define and seal in moisture to fight frizz and humidity – apply a dime-sized amount onto wet hair, then diffuse or air dry for stunningly defined curls! This lightweight product is ideal for anyone with type 2 wavy or curly hair, providing nourishment from shea butter and essential oil blends while combating frizz without crunchiness.


Curly hair only needs a few essential products to thrive. In addition to shampoo and conditioner (co-washing if that works for you), you need curl cream to define strands, mousse to add texture and volume, and frizz-fighting gel.


A mousse is a foaming styling formulation of moisturizing ingredients mixed with film-forming synthetic polymers for curl shaping and volume enhancement. Alcohol may also be added to this type of product to increase its ingredients’ solubility, which is often necessary when mixing different chemical structures. Most mousse products come packaged in pressurized aerosol cans for convenience when styling acceptable, wavy, or curly 2a/2b/2c hair types.


Look no further if you’re searching for a gel that can add definition while keeping your curls soft and light. This highly moisturizing medium-hold product is ideal for protective styles or wash. It goes as it helps clump curls together without feeling crunchier – suitable for 3b or 3c hair types! Apply it to wet hair, and as it dries, it will form a protective barrier around them, creating thicker, better-defined coils. Plus, it prevents frizz and flyaways while keeping your locks hydrated with leave-in conditioner or oil treatments. This curly hair gel features an easy-to-spread thin consistency, ideal for use across your entire head. Packed with shea butter and other oils to hydrate and softly define curls, it’s free of glycerin – which may cause them to appear oily or crunchy – making this an excellent solution!