A Curly Hair Enhancer For Healthy Curls

Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but there are products designed to help. Frizz-fighting products reduce breakage, add shine, and provide volume. This hydrating curl enhancer contains shea butter, silk protein, and neem oil to tame waves, minimize frizz, and provide light hold for curls, coils, and kinks.

Rockin Ringlets

One NC transitioner reports that Jessicurl’s Rockin Ringlets Styling Potion can leave ringlets crunchy, over-defined, and weighed down. To use Jessicurl products successfully, apply only small amounts directly onto damp, wet locks. Let it fully dry before applying further products or blow-drying your hair thoroughly. Rockin’ Ringlets is a powerful curl enhancer with a light-to-medium hold that transforms waves into coils, controls frizz and leaves hair touchably soft. It contains flaxseed extract and glycerin for ultimate distribution across thicker strands, giving you gorgeous, shapeable, delicate, bouncy, defined coils with added shine.

Confident Coils

Confident Coils by Jessicurl is a more robust hold styling solution that helps combat humidity and frizz in curly hair. It creates incredible definitions, protects from humidity and frizz, and works well with tighter curl patterns. It is protein-free and great for sensitive curls. Apply it evenly to soaked hair and scrunch or finger-comb for desired effects. Try using it with Rockin Ringlets or Celebration Spray for added definition and hold.


AG’s Re: coil provides extra definition, maintenance, and moisture to curls that need a boost. It separates and holds curls without stiffness or stickiness, even in high humidity conditions. It contains bio-fermented tomato fruit extract, rice amino acids, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, silk protein, and keratin protein to promote curl, shine, and improve strength. Scrunch a small amount through clean, wet hair before air drying or diffusing for blow-dry styling. This product is also available as a spray for on-the-go moisture.

Confident Curls Styling Gel

Confident Coils by Jessicurl is a firmer hold styling gel that creates touchably soft curls while resisting humidity and frizz. It works well with Rockin Ringlets or Celebration Spray for additional curl enhancement or alone for tighter patterns. After application, it does not leave a crunchy feeling and is made with shea butter, VP/VA copolymer, polyimide-1, Cetearyl alcohol, and polysorbate 60. It is vegan and cruelty-free.

Fudge Professional Curl Enhancing Styling Spray

Curl enhancers can create defined waves with more structure if you have wavy hair. Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly tightens wavy or curly locks into coils, reduces frizz, and leaves hair looking healthy and shiny. Use it alone or with Umberto Giannini Curl Activating Mousse for more hold and definition. The Fudge Professional Curl Enhancing Styling Spray is a weightless mist that provides grip without leaving a sticky or heavy residue for looser wave patterns. It also protects against humidity. The Moroccan Gold Series Curl Cream is another excellent option for wavy or textured hair, as it contains Moroccan Argan oil and keratin to strengthen and prevent breakage and leaves a soft fragrance.