Top Boys Hairstyle Names

Boys want to look dapper and express themselves through style. Selecting an ideal hairstyle for your son can help him feel confident and relaxed.

Side Fade with Brushed Back Locks – Neat and Masculine Look

If your son has short hair, try styling him in a side fade with brushed back locks for a neat, masculine look that is simple to care for and maintain. This style makes for easy maintenance!

Ivy League Haircut – Sleek and Chic

The Ivy League hairstyle is sleek and chic, perfect for formal occasions. With short sides and a long top, its versatility allows many different variations to be worn. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory often prefers this look as his go-to.

Middle-Part Haircut – Elegant and Balanced

A middle part is an elegant way to elevate any look, adding balance and symmetry to your style, regardless of hair texture. It also pairs well with fringe styles such as curtain bangs. Gen Z prefers middle parts over side parts.

Long hair with a Side Part – Slick and Sleek

Long hair styled with a side part can look slick and sleek in subtle layers. Soft waves or hard partings can be chosen based on preferences and face shape. Consider fading the sides for a more formal version of this look. Pompadour hair can add a masculine edge.

Faux Hawk with hair Design – Refined and Edgy

A more refined and mature take on the hawk haircut, this style features short back- and sides-section hair with length in the top section. It works well when combined with a full beard and can be textured to form quiff shapes. Salt spray or pomade can add definition and grit.

Cornrows with Curls – Authentic Braided Look

If you prefer braid designs but desire an authentic appearance, try mixing cornrows with curly elements. This style features tiny cornrows woven through your front hair and twists and wash-and-go curls in the back. It is an excellent option for naturally textured hair.