Curly Models and Boys Hair Cut Pictures

One of the most popular curly Models is a low slicked back ponytail. The short edges of a ponytail allow you to show off your curls while also adding movement to your entire look. This style is best suited for short, moderate, or long curls. This kind of style requires minimal styling, and a touch of gloss to add shine to your locks. You can even go for a low ponytail with ringlets on the top if you want to go for a dressier look.

Curly Models and Edgar haircut Design


Paula Ross of Curly Models has long been a passionate proponent of celebrating different hair textures. At only fifteen years old, she began working at a hair salon to make ends meet. With her passion for her own hair, she decided to take her career in the industry to the next level. At this point, Paula rebranded her business to CurlyModels to better reflect her commitment to curly and natural hair.