Top 5 Curly hair Designs For Men

Curly hair can be a fantastic look for men. It challenges gender norms while remaining easy to style. Curly, wavy, and straight hair all possess different textures. According to NaturallyCurly’s description of type 4 oily hair, its tight coils require plenty of moisture for maintenance.

1. Short and Thin Curls

If you have thin, curly hair, its natural texture can work to your advantage to create volume. Applying nourishing curl creme on wet locks will add texture, density, and shine. Try opting for a pixie haircut or swooping side part to add flair and volume to your locks. Tight ringlets are ideal for accentuating facial features while camouflaging thin areas in the waves.

2. Puny Curls with Blonde Dye

Bleaching wavy or curly hair can be hazardous without appropriate products and care. Furthermore, regular protein and moisture treatments must also be performed to maintain healthy-looking coils and waves. Thick and punky, this short curly style makes a statement with its golden blonde dye and low fade at the sides, creating an eye-catching finish. Dying your curls is an exciting and creative way to transform your appearance, but it must be done gradually for optimal results. So your locks can recover from any potential damage.

3. Short Curls with Undercut

If you want to maximize the texture of your curls elegantly, this short curly hairstyle could be ideal. Tangled together for an eye-catching round rippling appearance and coupled with a neck undercut for added style points towards your face and beard area, this look focuses all attention directly towards them. A classic scissor crop keeps your sides shorter while letting longer curly locks flow in an elegant style, providing the ideal way to balance out more prominent foreheads while emphasizing eyes and cheekbones.

4. Semi Waves

Cool and sophisticated with its cold shade of blonde on its curly crown, this style will turn heads and have everyone talking. Furthermore, its feminine accent makes this stand-out style unlike anything you see with other curly styles. A vital characteristic of this look is its equal density of curls, while tapered sides help keep volume high and accentuate the top even further.

5. Long Curls with Side Brush

Committing to growing out your curls may require an investment, but the results will certainly pay off once your desired length has been reached. Combine mid-length springy coils with a deep side part to soften and elongate facial features. This extended cut allows the waves to fall naturally along the heavier back and front sections while adding plenty of texture. A plastic tip comb can help separate edges, while a brush can style and smooth your locks for the final touches.

Curly hair offers various styling options for men. Whether you prefer short and thin curls, puny curls with blonde dye, short curls with an undercut, semi-waves, or long curls with a side brush, there is a design to suit your style. Embrace your curls and experiment with different hairstyles to create a unique, eye-catching look.