Thin curly hairstyles

Thin, curly hair can be challenging to volumize, but there are a variety of stylish haircuts for curly, fine hair that can help achieve this desired result. A layered angled bob is attractive for thin, curly locks as it frames the face and creates volume. Pair this look with striking color or dynamic dark roots that visually thicken up your locks for optimal results.

Layered Bangs

Layers can help mask an unattractive forehead while emphasizing features like cheekbones and jawlines. This layered haircut features side-swept bangs, which create a soft frame for the face. To achieve this look, apply a heat protectant to freshly washed and dried hair before making large 1-inch sections to curl at a time. Next, spray on some flexible hold hairspray before scrunching your locks using your hands.

Loose Updo

Move away from tightly slicked-back updo styles in favor of something more accessible and versatile that compliments different outfits. Go for an informal updo instead. Try incorporating a mini side braid into your loose updo for an elegant romantic event with its intricate detail. Its narrow face shape will pair nicely with medium to long hair with fine textures – a complicated touch sure to impress.

Face-Framing Layers

Face framing layers are a versatile look that works on any hair length. Longer layers cut into the chin can elongate the forehead and jawline of heart-shaped faces, while curtain bangs may create balance for narrower foreheads. To achieve this look, stylists use a technique called slide cutting to achieve an organic gradation with each cut – giving them more control over what they’re cutting!

Angled Bob

Thin curly hair often requires shorter cuts with plenty of layers to add volume, such as this angled bob with deep side parting and multiple layers. Put together an eye-catching style by pairing an angular bob with bleached blonde highlights for an eye-catching and captivating look. Additionally, this stunning style looks lovely when worn in its natural brown shade.

Side Crop

Layered cuts are ideal for thin, curly hair as they improve curl definition and create a fuller appearance. Plus, you can add darker hues at the base for an eye-catching ombre effect! If you prefer shorter styles, consider styling them with a deep side part and pixie haircut. This simple way of adding flair can easily be maintained using volumizing hair serum or curl-nourishing products.

Long Layers

Kristen Stewart has long recognized the power of layers. She embraces them in bobs, pixie cuts, and this messy layered lob. Long layers will help tame wild curls and add dimension. Ask your stylist to cut them at an angled amount before shaking them loose with your fingers before spraying them with light-holding hairspray.

Thick Side Bangs

Bangs that taper slightly towards the face are ideal for adding volume and framing the face when worn with thick hair, wildly styled back, and accented by cold blonde ombre strands. This style can also work well for heart-shaped faces, helping to narrow the width of your forehead while drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

Loose Waves

Make an impressionful statement with loose, bouncy curls in coppery tones, then secure them into two beautiful middle-parted ponytails for an eye-catching hot mess! Your look won’t go unnoticed. Loose wave hair features tighter coils than body waves, giving a fuller and voluminous finish. However, consider going for body waves instead for an equally soft and bouncy finish with slightly less volume.

Bronde Balayage

The balayage hair color technique is ideal for gradually lightening your natural shade without creating stark contrasts. Unlike ombre and somber tones that make defined lines of color, bronde looks more natural as it blends naturally into its surroundings. This lovely in-between shade combines blonde and brown for an attractive sun-kissed effect, providing the ideal solution for those hesitant about drastic change while requiring less maintenance than highlights, which need regular updating.

S Waves

Perfectly undone waves are one of the most sought-after styles, yet often challenging to attain. Follow YouTuber Weylie Hoang’s heatless tutorial for an approachable yet sophisticated style. To achieve the look, use a heatless hair styling product such as Shuemura Essence Oil to help dry and style the locks before spraying texture hairspray for hold and texture. Next, create rows of standout pin curls around your head in alternating rows – creating standout and flat pin coils simultaneously.