Hairstyles For Thin Curly Hair

If you have thin curly hair, there are several styles that will disguise this type of hair. Highlights are an excellent way to dress up thin curly hair. Choose shades of gray, caramel, or blonde to add a stylish accent to your hair. Adding a few bangs can also give a fine haircut a boyish edge. Straight, parting, or curved bangs are some ways to make thin curls appear more masculine. If you want to hide your hairstyle, go for a messy look and use creme or mousse to add texture to the hair.

Shag haircuts


If you want to give your limp hair a fresh new look, try a shag haircut. This short haircut is popular among men and women with medium to thick curly or wavy hair, as it is very low-maintenance and shows off the natural texture of the hair. The shag style is perfect for women who want to look youthful and trendy, and it is one of the easiest cuts to achieve. The shag style looks good with both dry and wet hair and is low-maintenance. This short haircut accentuates a woman’s face.

Cropped hairstyles


If you’re trying to achieve a voluminous look but don’t have thick hair, try cropped hairstyles. A short bob will make thin hair appear thicker and swooping side parts add a lively feel. Long thin curly hair can be styled into a high ponytail to add volume. You can even use a side part to create a side swept style that cascades downwards.



Thin, curly hair isn’t a good candidate for a pixie cut. Fortunately, there are many styles for thin curly hair that will suit the shape of your face. In addition, pixies look great with a side part for added style versatility. Pixie cuts are also a popular choice among celebrities and models with thin hair. In this article, we will discuss three popular cuts for thin, curly hair.

Long bobs


One of the best styles for curly thin hair is a long bob. This style is easy to manage, and it deals well with the thinning of your hair as you get older. A bob with a few long face framing pieces is a great choice for curly thin hair because it gives the illusion of volume. Long bobs have been in fashion for a long time. They are universally flattering and chic.

Side-parted curly hairstyles


Thin curly tresses have a timeless beauty. The style can be enhanced with a side parting or bangs in the front. Side-parted cuts are the best haircuts for thin curly hair. They make the hair look full and voluminous. If you want a curly hairstyle with more volume, you can add highlights. Choose a color that complements your skin tone.

Balsam and babassu


If your thin, curly hair is dry and brittle, you might want to consider using balsam and babassu to make it look thicker and more manageable. Both oils penetrate the follicles and are ideal for dry, thin hair. They also contain almond protein and are color-safe and sulfate-free. These oils can be diluted with a small amount of water or other hair-styling product to create a smooth lather.

Texturizing sprays


There are numerous volumizing and texturizing sprays on the market, and you may find it overwhelming to choose the best one for your hair. However, these products can add bounce and volume to your hair for days. Here are some tips to help you choose the best product for your hair type. A good texturizing spray will add a natural bounce and shine to fine hair. Use a small amount and follow the directions carefully.

Short haircuts


Asymmetrical bobs can be flattering on thin curly hair. Asymmetrical bobs can be longer on one side and a few inches shorter on the other. They are also great for thin curly hair because you can customize them to fit your personality. Another cool option for thin curly hair is to try a fringe. The fringe gives the appearance of a peek-a-boo which will enhance the look of your face.