Curly Hair Bangs 2020

Curly hair bangs provide the ideal solution for anyone who enjoys having curly locks but finds adding charges challenging due to commitment or styling challenges, yet is keen on maintaining them. Easy maintenance makes these styles stand out with any wavy kind!

Storm Reid’s Adorable Fringed Faux Hawk

Storm Reid’s adorable fringed faux hawk is attractive for medium-length curls. Her chin-length French bob works exceptionally well with a round pixie cut.


Curly hair looks lovely, and the proper haircut and color can become even more breathtaking. Consider creating a light brown ombre effect to highlight those fabulous curls. Add side bangs for an eye-catching style that frames your face perfectly!

Long Layers with Wavy Bangs

Long layers with wavy bangs are an excellent choice for curly hair. To achieve maximum effectiveness, have your stylist cut the layers when the hair is dry so that its natural coils remain intact; otherwise, they risk looking stringy or unstructured, which is often an issue for those with curly locks.

Waterfall Curtain Bangs

Another trend sweeping red carpets is waterfall curtain bangs. Celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Blake Lively have been seen wearing this retro and vintage hairstyle that gives their looks an atmosphere of sophistication.

Fake Bangs

Suppose cutting your hair to experiment with bangs seems too significant an undertaking, or you’re concerned that they might not suit your aesthetic. In that case, In that case, faux-bangs are an easy and risk-free way to test out this style – and should they turn out not to be your cup of tea, tuck them away quickly and easily! Create bangs by taking a high ponytail and pulling back an inch-wide section toward the front for charges. Secure this section with an elastic, then flip it onto your forehead to rest just above your eyebrows. If your faux bangs tend to appear flat and unnatural, try brushing them out and giving them a slight curve – this will allow them to blend more seamlessly into your natural strands, providing a more harmonious appearance for your hairstyle.

Round Face

Curly hair bangs require careful consideration to complement both your facial structure and the volume of curls. If you have a round face, consider opting for a medium-length angled bob with gently swept-back bangs that frame your face to add visual length and contrast with the natural colors of your hair. This style will add optical measurement while softly framing the face. If you have a fuller look, sassy bangs tucked behind the ears can create an eye-catching silhouette and draw attention to your cheekbones while softening any roundness in your facial structure. Long strands should use a lightweight primer with thermal protection to avoid heat damage and add shine. Short-haired women looking to balance out a round face may consider opting for a short, rounded bob, as it will elongate their neck and divert attention away from any heavy jaw or chin areas. Furthermore, light brown balayage will enhance the eyes and cheekbones.

Climate Prepared

If you have curly hair, it must remain well hydrated. With regular washings and conditioning treatments, its strands will quickly become dry and frizzy if addressed. Conditioners can help maintain healthy curls if they become frizzy due to overhandling or styling; otherwise, try spraying your bangs lightly with water to appear more natural. Curly hair bangs often garner misconceptions from some individuals; however, several options are available when styling curly locks to frame your face. Curly locks can be cut into various styles, such as shags and layers, for an eye-catching appearance that may pair nicely with fringes for added allure. More formal options, such as an octopus cut and mullets, may work for formal events, while round or curtain fringes work great when worn back into styles such as high pineapple.