The Best Curly Haircuts Men Can Rock

Men with curly hair often need help finding the ideal style to complement and highlight their curls. When choosing their haircut, they must select something that makes their rings shine through and looks best with them.

Taper Fade Haircuts

Taper fade haircuts are ideal for men with curly locks as they create an eye-catching contrast between both sides and are easy to maintain.

Faux Hawk

Men with curly hair can also sport the faux hawk style, which is a subtler cousin of the mohawk. To achieve it, trim both sides short while leaving an unruly long section at the top. Pomades, molding clay, or natural hair wax to add texture and control style.

Unique Haircut with Low Fade

This unique haircut for men with curly hair features a low fade around the ears and down the side of their heads, with long curls falling beautifully over their faces to frame their eyes with allure. Additionally, there is an optional low fade around the ears and down one side, leaving only long locks with textured finishes in front. This style makes an excellent choice for stylish yet effortless grooming without much upkeep required – ideal for any modern gentleman! Add beard or mustache accessories for an alluring finish and frame your eyes beautifully as the long curls fall perfectly over your face and frame your eyes beautifully engagingly!


Pompadours are ideal for curly hair as they help create volume and texture while remaining easy to manage with some wax or pomade. Ask your barber for a textured pompadour style if you want something with more drama. This relaxed take on the classic pompadour style is particularly suitable for guys with thick curly locks. Add some flair to your pompadour by creating an eye-catching hard part. This look works particularly well on men with curly locks as it emphasizes their natural curls. An optional swoop can add drama to any pompadour style, mainly if your crown is more prominent. This will draw more attention to your features while creating an eye-catching appearance that will turn heads.

Taper Fade

Curly hair can make you stand out and set trends, and one way to wear this style with pride and be an innovator is with a taper fade haircut. A taper fade removes more hair from the sides and back than skin disappears for a striking, dramatic effect that shows off curls beautifully! Additionally, this look is easy to style every day, so you can change your style whenever the mood strikes! An attractive taper fade haircut for curly hair involves creating a side part or comb over. Add a pompadour or quiff for added drama if your locks are longer! Once complete, use hairspray to secure curls as needed, and finish off your style by lightly spraying salt spray to give beachy surfer curls! For sleeker styles, try opting for an elegant back style.

Messy Curls

By leaving heavier coils at the crown for a rounded silhouette and matching low skin fade in the back and sides. A shaved sideburn finishes off this look beautifully. Curly hair looks best–and is most easily manageable–when kept around shoulder-length or longer. This style combines a short bald fade with a a long textured top for an eye-catching appearance that will turn heads. To achieve this style, your barber may scissor-cut your hair to maintain a full shape while leaving the lower area shorter than usual. To add definition to curls and give them a natural-looking, no-crunch style that won’t dry out over time, a light grooming spray applied directly on freshly towel-damp hair can add definition, with paste used to rake through for further explanation.