What Are Crochet Locs?

Crochet locs are synthetic faux locs designed to recreate braided styles without dealing with knotted hair. They’re an excellent solution for people wanting a braided look without all the associated issues.

They’re a Protective Style

Hair extensions, such as crochet locs, are an effective way of protecting your locks from harsh weather conditions and dry air. But there are a few considerations you should keep in mind before installing one. They’re low maintenance and an ideal protective style for naturals looking to give their locks a break or try out locs before committing to them.

How to Style Crochet Locs

When styling with pre-made locs, add extra loose extension hair for texture and volume. This prevents faux locs from tightening too tightly and pulling on your scalp. Additionally, moisturize regularly after cleansing and installing them to prevent damage.

Easy Installation

Crochet locs are easy to install and offer a way to achieve various faux loc styles without the hassle of individual braids or twists. Locate a company that sells pre-made crochet locs and follow the instructions for installation. Treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer after installation to maintain health.

Low-Maintenance and Trendy

Crochet locs, commonly referred to as faux locs, resemble natural dreadlocks and can be worn in various styles. They protect your natural hair and can last for 6 weeks with proper care. To maintain tight faux locs, avoid pulling braided or crocheted hair through its initial loop at the base, and consider wearing a durag while sleeping to protect your locs.

Easy Removal

To remove crochet locs, apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer and gently work it through each loc from the roots. This method minimizes damage to natural hair and allows for control in how tightly or loosely you want your locs to be unwound.