Crochet Hairstyles With Curly Hair

Don’t let your curly locks stop you from trying crochet styles – these protective styles add thickness and texture while saving time on long blowout sessions!

Straight Crochet

Straight crochet hairstyles are an excellent option for those seeking to maintain their natural texture while adding length and volume. Easy to wear and requiring minimal upkeep, these protective styles make the ideal solution for busy women seeking stylish protection at an affordable cost.

Blonde Straight Crochet

Marley and Kanekalon crochet braids are an excellent way to achieve straight styles with natural-textured hair, as they blend in seamlessly. In this blonde look, jet-black Marley twists pair beautifully with electric blue accent locs for an eye-catching and striking style!

Straight-Back Style with Cornrows

Create an alternative take on traditional cornrows with this straight-back style! Start with one large cornrow and alternate smaller braids around your head – adding beads will only further the intricate look! Additionally, this style provides the ideal opportunity to test out butterfly locs – unique dreadlocks which resemble regular locs but require less maintenance!

Twist Crochet

A beautiful twist crochet hairstyle is an easy, cost-effective way to achieve a fuller, curlier style without damaging natural locks. Additionally, this look can easily be styled into a half-up style for an elegant yet casual vibe, and skinny curling iron-on braids will refresh their shape for more realistic-looking ones.

Two-Tone Twist Crochet

Don’t limit your crochet braid options to dark hues – try something bolder like this two-toned look featuring black and gold roots for an eye-catching contrasted color story! This style works best using Kanekalon or Marley hair for the best results.

Cute Boy Cut with Crochet Weaves

Crochet weaves can also add volume and texture to a cute boy cut, using thicker yarn such as Kanekalon or Marley’s hair for this style to avoid an unnatural or too-tight appearance. Pair this look with an attractive side part and stylish accessories for an eye-catching everyday look!

Natural Crochet

Curly crochet braids offer an effortlessly stylish yet relaxed style, ideal for busy ladies like Issa Rae who want to maintain their glam without spending hours in the salon. Dani T has developed this lovely light wavy bob for Issa that can still get her red carpet ready for special events.

Straight Crochet on Short Hair

Straight crochet braids don’t only need to be for long strands; they also work beautifully on short hair like Sami Roberts’ stunning layered crop with its side parting and big curl pattern.

Bold and Vibrant Crochet

Be brave when it comes to crochet braids! Don’t be intimidated by bold hues when selecting your crochet hairstyles – this vibrant magenta hue features bantu knots, Fulani braids, and bouncy coils with face-framing highlights for added dimension. When dyeing naturally colored strands, it is recommended that professional dyes be used to avoid damaging natural strands.

Faux Hawk Up-do

This crochet faux hawk up-do is perfect if you want to add an edge to your look. Soft yet wearable, this faux mohawk will show off all of your beautiful curls and color accents while remaining fashionable!

Box Braids with Ombre and Curls

Box braids are an iconic style for women with natural hair, thanks to being both fashionable and long-term. But they can also be tailored to different looks, like this romantic look which combines a gentle brown-white ombre paired with tight, defined curls and pops of pink for an alluring feminine style that works for any event!