Top 5 Crochet Hairstyles 2021

Crochet hair

Crochet hair is a stylish, protective, looping synthetic extension through braided natural locks for added volume and protection. This voluminous style has become increasingly popular due to its adaptability.

Side-parted Bouncy Curls Crochet Hairstyle

Check out a side-parted bouncy curls crochet hairstyle to give yourself an attractive face-framing style. With this shoulder-grazing length and easy maintenance requirements, this stylish look won’t put too much strain on natural tresses.

Curled Crochet Hair

Wavy crochet hairstyles are ideal for trying something different without compromising your length while adding volume or bounce to natural locks. Add some drama and color pops to your braids by styling them with ombre curls or sun-kissed-strand effects by adding pops of color. This textured style makes for the perfect look at formal events or brunch with friends!

Twisted Crochet Hair

Try a wavy ombre with twists if you want to add color and depth to your protective style. This look combines dark with light blonde tones for an authentic appearance; its wavy texture softens the vivid hue for a wearable style that suits any event or special occasion. Kamara Brown Lewis suggests using YouTube when selecting crochet hair, since you can see how it looks on an actual person outside of its package. Doing this will allow you to choose an ideal hue for your wig, weave, or extensions.

Lob Crochet Hair

Bob crochet hairstyles are an easy and stylish way to elevate your look without damaging natural locks. Choose between side-parted passion twist styles or bold ombre curls bobs; each will surely turn heads. Celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood worked her blackhairmagic on influencer Issa Rae for this stunning crochet braids bob. The style features an upswept cornrow up front with Marley crochet braids and Kanekalon braids layered in the back for an exciting party-in-the-back look. This chic wavy crochet braids style could be ideal for an elegant long crochet hairstyle. With its length and texture, this look would make a grand statement at brunch or for evening occasions out on the town.

Bob Crochet Hair

Coir braids can add an effortless new style to natural hairstyles of any length or type. If your bob cut needs updating, try this charming crochet hairstyle that features defined ringlets framing the face beautifully and dark brown highlights that blend beautifully into its roots. Add an element of drama to your cornrows, or faux locs by styling them in an eye-catching half-up fashion. This stylish yet sultry style makes an excellent statement piece for an evening out on the town.

Jumbo Knots Crochet Hair

If you’re in a rush but still want to look put-together, the crochet hairstyle could be precisely what you need. Easy to maintain and perfect with bold ombre hair colors – it makes life just that much simpler! Faux locs are a favorite among women looking to protect their natural hair while it grows out. This stunning crochet hairstyle provides the ideal way to do this and is an appropriate look for formal occasions.

Curled Locs Crochet Hair

Crochet braids are not only protective styles; they’re fashionable, too! If you want something with a dramatic edge, opt for curled locs – an eye-catching combination of cornrows and Marley or Kanekalon hair, which creates this eye-catching style. This brown mermaid crochet hairstyle features small blond curls to add volume. Honey blonde highlights complement the roots to complete an organic-looking ‘do.

Braided Fauxhawk Crochet Hair

If you prefer short, natural locks without any dreadlocks, try opting for a classic bob crop with crochet braids for an intriguing style that adds volume without stressing out your wild waves. The thick, kinky strands will add volume without stressing them out! Try fluffy, kinky crochet hairstyles with an afro-inspired appearance, such as twisted extensions, textured faux locs, or loose crochet faux dreads. Take on an eye-catching color like magenta with this two-strand twists style! The vibrant hue will enhance your face’s beauty.