5 Easy Crochet Hair For Kids Styles

Crochet hair for Kids

Crochet hair for kids can be an ideal low-maintenance hairstyle solution for busy parents looking for stylish but low-maintenance options. Not only is crochet durable, but its carefree upkeep allows you to style it twirled up or accessorized with adorable accessories. It is also no extra burden on parents!

Tight Braids with a Full Ponytail

This hairstyle combines tight braids with a full ponytail and looks fantastic on children. It accentuates their features while adding an air of elegance to their attire.

Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids are among kids’ easiest and quickest crochet hairstyles, providing protection for their natural locks and a fantastic style. Tighter twists offer an ideal solution for those wanting a fuller tone and an effective way for kids to express themselves without harming their hair through bleaches and dyes. Furthermore, this hairstyle looks fantastic regardless of color, primarily black or brown shades.

Easy Half-Up Half-Down Style

An easy, more relaxed half-up, half-down style is excellent for school and special events. To achieve this look, natural strands are braided into straight-back cornrows before being intertwined with synthetic braids for a classic yet chic style. Once completed, braids may be pulled back into a high ponytail that falls to one side of the head, or even corkscrew curls can add a fun element that makes your child’s style chic and distinct! This look works well with any color choice and will give your child a stylish yet unique style that works wonders with this look!

Curly Braids

Tight and voluminous ponytails look lovely on children. Use this style to give your girl a sweet pageant look without using harmful chemicals like dye. Add tight braids for additional style points. Accessorize with chic accessories for an eye-catching finish!

Stylish Half-Up Half-Down with Crochet Spiral Curls

Create this stylish half-up half-down hairstyle by stacking four stacked Bantu knots at the front of your girl’s hair and attaching large crochet spiral curls for an effortless half-down style. Beads on her braids add an eye-catching detail that completes this stunning look!

Twisted and Pinned Back Cornrows with Wavy Crochet Braids

For something truly eye-catching, try pairing side parts with twisted and pinned back cornrows with wavy crochet braids for an eye-catching style that makes your kid stand out. Pair your cornrows with colorful beaded headbands for added effect – the combination will look beautiful on her next outing.


Two-strand twists are uncomplicated and beautiful for children to sport with pride. Not only are they simple to manage and look amazing on children, but they’re also an effective way of keeping hair hydrated from exposure to the sun or dryness – Plus, there are colorful options, so your little one can have all of their desired curls without damaging their natural locks! This style offers an informal yet fashionable appearance for young girls who seek something timeless yet playful. Strands may be clipped back with clips for added dimension or decorated with flower hair clips for an added pop of color. It is an excellent look suitable for special occasions or pageants!

Side Swept Twisted Style

Try this side-swept look if you want to add some volume and comfort to your child’s twisted style. It will keep her hair out of her face while providing longer wearability.


Buns for crochet hair for kids can be an easy and stylish way to secure children’s locks, whether for formal occasions or casual daytime styles. Plus, these crochet designs are easy to create and will last for an extended time! Use a crochet hair bun net at the dance studio to prevent her buns from flying away during classes and performances. Perfect for ballerinas, dancers, waitresses, gymnasts, and performance artists of all ages (ballerinas included!). Customizable colors to suit her outfit will make her feel like royalty on stage or in the studio!

Layered Looks

Layered looks are ideal for girls with naturally voluminous curls. Try styling this look with a side parting and adding crochet twist braids for added volume – it will surely turn heads at school or on the playground and show off her unique personality!