Updo Hairstyles With Crochet Braids

Crochet braids offer the look of dreadlocks without the maintenance required, making them easier on your locks than tightly braided styles. This style features wavy crochet braids to create a high updo with a unique pop of color and protects daily wear or special events.

Crochet braids offer an effective solution for adding length and volume when growing your hair out isn’t an option. Crimped and bronde crochet braids featuring blue streaks are an eye-catching look that adds length and volume. Tiara-inspired updos make a stunning statement at formal or fun parties alike. Pair your crochet braids with an exquisite matching tiara for an eye-catching finish! This side-parted bob crochet braids hairstyle is spectacular, sure to turn heads wherever it goes. It will turn many heads in its path by pairing it with appropriate makeup and apparel. Crochet braids don’t just have to be dramatic – they can also be delicate and elegant. This updo features feminine crochet braids with soft textures for an effortlessly feminine finish that goes great with any ensemble, including wedding gowns with lacing.

Crochet braids are an ultra-chic way to protect and style natural hair while still looking your best. Commonly known as latch hook braids, these hairstyles use synthetic hair extensions looped through cornrows as protective styles, which can be worn in various ways for added flair. This chic look features kanekalon crochet braids in a side-swept half updo for an eye-catching style that will turn heads. If you prefer something subtler, shorter strands of kanekalon will give a fuller, more natural appearance and look fabulous. Enhance your look with colorful hair beads by adding some splash of color. They’ll help accentuate your textured locks and draw attention to your features.

Small crochet braids are lightweight yet stunning, providing an effortlessly voluminous style without overdoing it. It is ideal for women who have thicker than thin natural hair textures. For an added splash of color, try opting for blue crochet braids! These tiny braids pinned back into a low half ponytail make for an eye-catching style, perfect for any event! Pair this look with a wavy bob haircut and bangs to stand out! No matter your length of hair – long black locks with lush glam curls or short and sleek bob, crochet braid hairstyles are an effective way to show off your beauty! Not only can this protective style fit into every texture – including straight locks! – But this chic style also looks incredible on women who sport straight locks!

Long hair looks striking when decorated with crochet braids, making the style sensual and beautiful. Wear them alone or combine them with other textures – either way, this look will turn heads! When selecting colors from Kanekalon for crochet braids, ensure they complement your natural hue to not clash too dramatically. Consider opting for an ombre hairstyle for an eye-catching touch in your long crochet braids. The technique seamlessly fuses light and dark shades for an alluring sun-kissed appearance. This look can be achieved using any crochet braid texture, though wavy crochet braids may be preferable for those pressed for time during their growth process. This bob creates an intriguing asymmetrical look with its side part and crimped texture.

Crochet braids are versatile, adding color and an edge to any look. Crochet braids also offer protection without straining sensitive hair by sew-ins, cornrows, or twists that often use tension to secure hairstyles in place for extended periods. Add chic to your look by styling short, kinky bob hair with burgundy crochet braids for an eye-catching face-framing aesthetic. This fun and fashionable style can be styled as a half-up, half-down updo, or loose around the face for a maximum face-framing aesthetic. Make an elegant statement with crochet braids paired with a side part. This show-stopping, feminine lob will turn heads – the perfect way to spice up your look and complete your red carpet-appearance!