5 Good Short Hair Cuts For Men

Short hair can look stylish, but you must pay attention to become unruly if you pay attention to avoid becomingtments; here are a few tips to keep it looking its best!

Military-Style Cut

The military-style cut is an easy and clean haircut style to give you a sharp, distinguished appearance. It consists of a crew cut on the sides and back, leaving longer locks at the top for styling purposes – you can use pomade or hairspray to keep this style in place and pair it perfectly with beards to add some toughness and sophistication! It looks particularly great with beards!

Another variation of this military style is Ivy League, similar to a crew cut but leaving longer lengths on top so you can experiment with various side partings and styles. It works best on men with square head shapes or chiseled facial features who want something extra stylish but short; fades are great options too.


The Undercut is an innovative and fashionable style that works well with long and short locks, from short styles like an undercut bun to pompadour with bold side bangs. It can also be easily styled back into a bowl cut for a smooth, sophisticated appearance.

The Undercut was first popularized by its appearance on Peaky Blinders characters in 2013. Since then, the haircut has become a mainstream fashion for younger and established men who wish to express their bold personalities through fashion.

Try this sleek short Undercut fade for platinum blonde hair to highlight its jawline and beautiful cheekbones, then keep it looking clean when styling with AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade. Additionally, experiment with creating an unusual disconnected undercut or shaved line on one side that blends seamlessly on the other.

Hard Part

Complex parts add drama and style to any haircut, with exceptionally sleek styling. But they need regular maintenance from a barber to stay looking their best.

Ohio-based stylist Bet Vannoy suggests using complex parts for all hair textures, from thin ones for subtlety to thicker ones that will add visual impact. She recommends opting for light difficult details for subtle looks or thicker ones for bolder ones.

Complex parts pair perfectly with buzz cuts, pompadour hairstyles, quiffs, or man buns; it can even work well when combined with fade hairstyles for a modern classic that leaves you looking stylish and sophisticated.


Modern updates of classic pomp styles like the throwback pomp have elevated this style into one of the top short haircuts worn by stars like Jon Kortajarena and Zayn Malik. Dubbed Scumbag Boogie by some, this modern pomp (also referred to as Scumbag Boogie) combines timeless and contemporary barbering trends into one look.

This cut is ideal for guys with square or oval-shaped faces, as it emphasizes their unique features while concealing receding chins or high foreheads. Furthermore, thick hair tends to work best as the classic pomp requires substantial follicular density to stay put without drooping out of place; thinner locks may need daily styling or pomade to add volume and support the traditional pomp design.

Crew Cut

One of the best short haircuts for men of all ages is a classic crew cut, perfect for both younger and older individuals. This look requires little maintenance and looks great with long and short beards.

The crew cut is suitable for men of various face shapes and hair types yet is particularly striking on those with thicker locks that stand up straight without additional styling – an essential characteristic of authentic crew cuts.

Add an up-to-the-minute flair to your classic haircut with a low fade to the back and sides. Or, for an informal style, forgo any fade altogether by simply applying wax or pomade to keep hair in place.