Crimped Hair


Crimped hair was famous during the ’90s and is back–with an updated twist! To achieve this style, use a specific hot-styling tool, but this look will provide texture and volume to your locks. Start with damp hair and apply a heat protectant. Comb through and ensure all strands are free from knots or tangles before styling. Split your strands into sections and crimp each individually before combining all crimped pieces to form a high pony for a ’90s-inspired glam look.

As with anything Y2K-inspired, crimped hair from the early 2000s is making a comeback; Mermaid waves offers a looser and more romantic version of that trend, with loosely coiling locks cascading down your body in waves. Perfect for summer weather and all hair lengths – celebrities have adopted this look while you can replicate its beachy charm by following these tips! Start with freshly washed and dry strands, avoiding blow drying or curling your locks, as this could alter their shape or volume. Next, grab a large-barreled curling iron or wand and work small sections at a time, starting from your crown of head by holding down on roots for about one inch at a time before gradually releasing the clamp for several seconds until reaching ends with wispy finishes or slightly before. Use a smaller barrel curling iron or wand if you want a textured version of this look. Texturizing hairspray can also add volume and add another level of sexiness. While mermaid waves offer an alternative to beachy waves that have long been summer staples, it is essential to distinguish the two styles. Beachy waves typically boast more volume and texture, while mermaid waves offer looser coils with an undulated shape. Mermaid hairstyles make an excellent backdrop for exploring hair color trends, such as pastel and vivid hues, that work beautifully for this style, providing plenty of shade selections. Achieving a mermaid look using a wand or hair waver is ideal, although you could also try flat ironing it instead. Either way, you will require heat protectant spray, a hairstyler of choice, and some hairspray; this tutorial provides instructions for creating this style on all hair types and lengths with both methods.

A half-up, half-down hairstyle is an iconic style that marries the comfort of an updo with the freedom and touchability of having hair down. Perfect for any length, from pixie cuts to bob haircuts. You can style this look in many ways, from casual and simple to elaborate and sophisticated. Add two space buns for an unexpected and fun take on this classic half-up half-down hairstyle, making for an easy yet playful twist that works for any occasion. Scoop up and backcomb the bottom half, twist, and pin it in place before finishing it off with cute black bow barrettes as an added accent! If you love the trend of flippy ends that has made a comeback, a half-up, half-down ponytail with this style will bring back memories from the 1990s while protecting your locks from heat damage. Plus, this style allows for maximum face-framing potential! A high half-up half-down updo is an elegant and timeless choice for formal events that call for some added glamour. Brush out straight hair or finger comb curly strands until smoothed out before pulling up to the crown of the head with an elastic hair tie to secure it all day long – or use a volumizing hairspray spritz to keep this style in place all day long! Gabrielle Union has shown us that you don’t require an updo to be eye-catching. Gabrielle rocked this protective hairstyle beautifully as part of a half-up, half-down updo with a deep side part and two black bow barrettes for maximum impact. Make an everyday protective hairstyle simpler by tying your strands into a half-up, half-down top knot for daily wear. This timeless classic takes just seconds to do and requires no special tools or skills; divide your locks into two even sections, twist each section loosely into a loose knot, pin it securely with one bobby pin, and add beautiful flowers for an eye-catching finish!

Crimped hair adds thickness and volume, giving your locks the illusion of fuller locks. Reese Witherspoon shows us how you can style this simple yet elegant style with a side-swept bang reminiscent of her. Comb back your tangle-free locks and part them deeply on one side before applying mousse and combing down, sweeping the ends toward the other side before securing it with bobby pins before spraying with some hairspray for an elegant and dramatic transformation of your appearance for something similar using big open coils instead of ringlets instead!

Shoulder-length is one of the best haircuts for curly hair. It’s easy to curl or straighten and looks fantastic in a ponytail. Adding texture can add versatility, but be mindful that moisturize frequently if this route is taken! As with any haircut, selecting shades that accentuate your hair’s natural shade is critical to creating the most flattering shoulder-length cut possible. Fashion colors may require extra maintenance as they require regular touch-ups.

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