Short Gray Hairstyles

Modern short gray hairstyles provide you with many styling options to complement your aesthetic. For instance, opting for a straight pixie that adds volume to fine strands could work wonders on thin ones. If you prefer exquisite accents, consider choosing a silver fairy. It suits mature women well and will keep your strands looking refreshed.

Blunt Bob

An adorable blunt bob is one of the easiest ways to elevate your look instantly. This chin-length style works for most face shapes and requires little upkeep from daily styling sessions. Display your natural locks’ color by choosing a blonde balayage to add dimension and bring out your cheekbones. Complete this look by adding peekaboo highlights or a three-strand accent braid for extra shine.

Air-Dried Bob

Try a short bob with blunt or feathered ends for an effortless wash-and-go style that requires minimal styling. Emma Roberts and Dakota Johnson look beautiful with this style, especially when combined with dark roots and choppy bangs that add some edge. If your locks are super straight like Emma Roberts and Dakota Johnson’s,, consider adding Cactus Texturizing Shampoo to give some grip and grip when air drying your bob.

Baby Afro

Afro hair is often vulnerable to breakage, so it must receive regular moisturizers. Furthermore, you should avoid using harsh products like bleached-based hair dyes as this could potentially damage it further. Style your little girl’s afro in two cute puffs and accessorize with an adorable bow headband for her first birthday party! This darling look will be sure to turn heads. Crowned reported that laying edges was initially developed to help Black people present their textured hair as neatly as possible. However, its popularity has since expanded into non-Black and Latinx communities as well.

Long Messy Pixie

The Long Messy Pixie is an eye-catching look that showcases volume and dimension for an eye-catching feminine style. Pairing well with dark brunette hair, this modern, edgy fashion statement will turn heads and leave an unforgettable impression. This cut is ideal for those with fine hair, featuring layers that create full, voluminous locks while still remaining manageable and sophisticated. Texturizing spray or dry shampoo adds depth and dimension to this style.

Inverted Bob

Look stylish, trendy, and confident with this chic inverted bob. Its short layers create a bright back while emphasizing its entire body. Additionally, long strands at the front help frame your face and help narrow your forehead. This angled bob is breathtaking with its chestnut brown highlights. Its short cut features short layers at the back and long strands at the front, making an excellent pairing for casual western looks.

Textured Pixie

The textured pixie is an adorable cut that gives thin hair texture and volume without adding bulk. Perfect for shower-fresh styling, its finely chopped layers make this style its signature! Model Keira Knightley proves that a textured pixie can be fashionable and casual. Her touchable beach waves perfectly complement her platinum blonde locks, creating a timeless style and exuding femininity. Julianne Hough disproves any misconception that short pixie cuts cannot be seductive with her platinum blonde textured bob cut and its face-framing bangs, adding feminine charm.

Long Curly Layers

Long, curly hair looks fantastic when styled into layers. Curls require definition and structure to look their best; therefore, tapered layers work great for curlies looking to make their style more exciting and daring. Be inspired by Rihanna and bleach your curly locks to achieve her stunning layered haircut. Wear pink lipstick to complete the effect of your fresh, shaggy cut!

Long Bixie

Long pixie styles offer a chic, contemporary style for those who crave length while maintaining an iconic head-hugging shape. Use Moroccanoil’s Curl Defining Cream to further define and emphasize natural curl patterns for an eye-catching style. Jenna Spino of Pro Stylist Collective describes this highly textured bixie as “combining fullness of a pixie cut with shorter interior layers of a bob haircut,” according to pro stylist Jenna. Ask your stylist for plenty of feathering and side-parted fringe to achieve the desired look.


The pompadour is an evergreen classic style. Perfect for men with thick, full hair, it also works on men with thinned-out or receding locks. Request that your barber create a medium fade on both the sides and back, with about an inch at the top. Comb the lid back into a quiff or pompadour style using gel or pomade for additional hold.