American Crew Hair Gel Review

Natural Shine and Hold

This thin hair gel offers a natural-looking shine and hold. It is formulated with birch and ginger juice to strengthen hair follicles. The light masculine fragrance makes application simple.

Gentle on Hair

This gel is excellent for your hair because it doesn’t contain alcohol or other harsh chemicals that could damage it. Plus, its soft feel allows a small amount to go a long way!

Assortment of Products

American Crew is a men’s grooming brand offering various hair and body products. They have styling products for different hair types, as well as shaving cream, razors, post-shave balm, fragrances, and hair dye.

Different Hold Options

American Crew offers products for light to heavy holds. Boost Powder gives an anti-gravity effect while Forming Cream and Fiber offer various textures and styles. The products are tailored to provide natural yet fashionable hairstyles, featuring ingredients like ginseng and coconut oil.

Complete Grooming Experience

American Crew also offers beard products to keep beards soft and manageable. They provide styling tools like gel, wax, and pomades for a more complete grooming experience.

Eco Styler Alternative

Firm Hold Styling Gel by Eco Styler is a firm hold gel that delivers stunning styles with natural-looking results. It can be used on wet or dry hair without leaving a sticky or greasy feeling. It washes out easily and gives added shine.

Avoiding Harsh Ingredients

American Crew’s Firm Hold Styling Gel is an effective alternative to pomades, clays, and cremes. It does not contain formaldehyde-releasing carcinogens or toxic preservatives. It also avoids petroleum-based synthetic dyes.

Scalp and Hair Protection

The gel is non-drying to the scalp and contains thermal barriers to safeguard against blow drying or other heat treatments. It conditions with ginseng and sage extract and helps prevent dryness and flaking. It is suitable for men seeking classic styles that last throughout the day.

Strong Hold Option

Strong hold gel is ideal for sleek and controlled styles. It tames frizz and keeps your style intact throughout the day. Look for natural options with beneficial ingredients like beeswax and lanolin.

Easy Application

hair gel is easy to apply and offers an all-day hold. The water-based formula won’t leave your locks feeling dry. American Crew Fiber provides a firm grip, thickens, and adds volume to your hair. It can achieve various styles and has a subtle men’s cologne scent.