How to Upgrade Your Rich Chocolate Brown Hair

Brunettes looking to refresh their look have various options, from warm espresso to a rich, nutty brown. Copper highlights and lowlights add warmth, while ribbons create a light-to-dark effect.

Jaxcee, the colorist at IGK Salon and founder of The Coily Collective, suggests this somber is perfect for those with cool skin tones. She means choosing one with golden and copper tones for milk chocolate hues and reddish and violet tones for dark chocolate shades.

Dark Brown Balayage

Are you looking to add warmth and shine to your chocolate brown locks? Consider opting for a warm copper shade. This rich hue works beautifully on all skin tones – blondes, brunettes, and medium or dark-complexioned individuals alike.

This natural-looking and sweet shade makes a stunning choice for darker locks as it works to complement their warmth. Balayage it into long locks for an eye-catching dimensional effect!

If you want to add depth and dimension to your naturally dark locks, try opting for a caramel brown balayage. This subtle fade into lighter hues works wonderfully on all sorts of layered hairstyles – from choppy bobs to beach waves. Additionally, caramel balayages work wonders on curly or wavy textures, providing plenty of dimension without overshadowing their textures.


The lob (along-bob) haircut is ideal for chic and timeless styling, yet versatile enough to remain trendiness. This mid-length cut can be styled in various ways, from beachy waves to straight and sleek; even for an added polished effect, it can be slicked back for a modern feel.

Add an extra special touch to your lob with some highlights or balayage color in your locks for an eye-catching look. Lighter strands will accentuate the depth and dimension of chocolate brown locks while giving your face a youthful radiance.

For a subtle effect, golden baby lights in your lob can give your strands a sun-kissed appearance and add depth and dimension to rich brown locks. Plus, the blonde color will add a hint of contrast against their richness, helping create less flatness in your locks overall. If you prefer something bolder, why not try a brown-red ombre or fiery auburn blend for maximum drama?

Wavy hair

One of the most flattering ways to wear chocolate brown hair is with a dark-to-light balayage, as seen on Priyanka Chopra here. Her deep brown shade is beautifully accented by warm espresso and creamy hazelnut highlights that start mid-lengths for a luxurious melt. This two-tone style looks particularly striking on women with cool skin tones with hazel or brown eyes.

Wavy locks tend to be naturally curly, so a proper shampoo and conditioner must be used to restore healthy moisture balance. Brook suggests opting for a lightweight leave-in conditioner to maintain the bounce in your locks. You could also request face-framing “money piece” layers from your stylist for added movement in your wavy locks.

If you prefer a more natural look, Jaxcee recommends a rich mocha brown shade with subtle reddish tones. She notes that this warm tone looks particularly striking against olive skin tones and hazel eyes, creating an effortless transition from roots to ends with the help of the balayage technique.

Layered hair

No matter your hair texture, adding highlights can add life and dimension to chocolate brown locks. To keep it natural, choose full highlights instead of random blonde spots. Achieve maximum impact with wavy or curly locks–they even work beautifully in bob styles!

Molten caramel shades like this one are the stuff of dreams! Perfect for warm skin tones and especially striking when combined with green or hazel eyes, you can achieve this look through soft balayage beginning from the center of your hair and creating a stunning melt.

Excellent cinnamon brown hues are another fantastic option for brunettes with cool skin tones. This shade blends perfectly with natural coloring for effortless style, is perfect for medium-length hair, and is easy to maintain. You could apply dark ombre techniques at the ends to add even more drama.