African Hair Styles – Cornrows


Cornrows are a trendy style choice for black hair. This protective style helps keep strands healthy for weeks at a time while adding texture to your look and pairing well with gold cuffs.

Ghana Braids

A striking look, Ghana braids offer an eye-catching style suitable for girls in grade school. Try alternating thick and thin asymmetrical Ghana braids for an eye-catching style! This look makes an impressionful statement about you!

Box Braids

Box braids are an increasingly popular protective style, featuring square-like divisions of hair that give this protective style its signature appearance. Ideal for natural hair types and combined with various braided styles for an appealing and versatile style option. Add an eye wrap for an effortless style upgrade and extra definition in your facial features, or keep hair in place during workouts and sleeping. Headwraps also make an effective way of keeping locks out of the way while sleeping or working out!

Mohawk Braids

This Mohawk-inspired hairstyle adds a playful, modern edge to any classic style! Featuring medium-sized box braids with varied line patterns arranged on both the sides and back of your head to mimic an impression of a Mohawk, while leaving baby hairs around your face free for a feminine contrast that adds playful character. This hairstyle is ideal for long-haired individuals looking for a sophisticated and fashionable look for day or night. The middle strands of hair are styled into French Mohawk braids, while side locks are knitted into cornrows that merge with thick braids on top of your head. A curved braided Mohawk is an eye-catching, unique, and protective hairstyle perfect for any special event or formal setting. It looks especially striking when combined with natural, kinky Afro hair because your braids’ wavy texture accentuates both volume and thickness.

Chunky Braids

A straightforward way to elevate your cornrows is with a splash of color. Pops of pink, blue, and green instantly make your braids more eye-catching, or for something subtler, opt for shades just a few tones lighter than your natural hair color. Add an extra splash of style and honor your heritage with beads added to your cornrows. These fashionable accessories recall ancient African tribes while making your cornrows even more fashionable – plus, beads are adjustable to fit any length! Once again, cornrows can add a dash of glamour by being tied into an elegant bun. This look is great for special events and sure to draw compliments – remember to wash it regularly so as not to develop frizz; rich hair conditioner or hair ties may help secure it further.

Ghana Braids

One of the best hairstyles to bring out your eyes is wearing Ghana braids. They are stylish and fabulous at showing off culture and tradition and look fantastic no matter your skin tone! Wear these gorgeous Ghana braids straight, or add cornrows for added character – either way, they will bring life and dimension to any look! Wear these braids in a ponytail for a wealthy and glamorous look for parties. This stunning hairstyle looks exquisite. Make your Ghana braids stand out by adding some curls. This simple yet effective trick can transform thick Ghana braids into works of art that turn heads, instantly turning them into fashion statements. Just remember to use a shampoo that won’t damage the braids; we suggest opting for one without sulfate, which will protect and preserve their health and shine.