The Best Black Hairstyles For Teen Boys

Are you a black teen boy searching for new hairstyle ideas? Check out these trendy cuts that feature texture on top and fades at the base.

A sleek copper bob, complete with side-swept bangs, creates an exquisite style. Loose strands add a bohemian aesthetic.

360 Waves

A wave haircut is an excellent way for black men to add volume and movement to their style. This trendy cut features laid-back curls flattened against the scalp to form rows of waves or ripples around their faces and frames their faces beautifully. Spinnas or 360 waves or 720 waves is a hairstyle often associated with African American men. Popularized by rapper Nelly, but suitable for any person with tightly coil or coily locks. If you want the 360-degree wave look, ensure your hair is at least 1 and 1/2 inches long so it can easily form its desired shape. Also inform your barber or stylist of this desired cut so they can give the best possible outcome.

High-Low Fade

The high-low fade is an ideal choice for men looking to update their style without making a dramatic commitment to a new cut. Unlike other fade styles, this one begins closer to the top so your hair will grow out more naturally over time. Additionally, this cut allows for experimentation with different textures like frohawks and textured afros, as well as playful styles like frohawks. To keep short waves looking sleek and polished add SheaMoisture Argan Oil