Should You Buy a Corded Or a Cordless Hair Clipper?

One of the key decisions when buying hair clippers is whether to opt for corded or cordless models. Your decision depends on how often and what type of haircuts you plan on performing with these devices.

Experts advise using corded hair clippers if you want an even and lasting cut, as these offer consistent power delivery and tend to be more affordable than their cordless counterparts.


Professional hair cutters tend to prefer corded clippers over cordless models because of their consistent power source and more stable motor, both crucial factors when cutting lots of hair each day in busy salons with no time for their clients’ haircuts to wait in line. This makes corded clippers an excellent solution.

Cordless models may eventually lose power, requiring replacement batteries which could potentially result in your clipper no longer functioning or possibly stopping working altogether if used to trim thick or long hair.

Corded hair clippers may become noisy. In such instances, misalignment of the voltage screw may be responsible and this issue should be remedied using a screwdriver to realign it. Please keep in mind that this method may not fix all noise problems but should help resolve most.


Corded clippers are often the go-to choice of barbers because of their superior durability compared to their cordless counterparts. Since corded models don’t lose power until plugged into an outlet, they allow barbers to continue cutting hair without ever needing a recharge.

As another benefit, corded clippers are compatible with most electrical grids, making traveling internationally less of a worry. Furthermore, most corded clippers are made from solid material with chrome finishes to give an elegant appearance and allow easy cleaning. They also feature color-coded combs for simple identification and hardwearing properties.


No matter if you’re a professional barber or a DIY home hair clipper enthusiast, having reliable scissors is an essential asset. A reliable set of scissors will allow you to keep a sleek appearance between haircuts while getting exactly the style that’s desired – plus make working with your locks simpler than ever and help achieve desired styles!

Liza Corsillo, a senior writer at Strategist, prefers a cordless hair clipper designed specifically for head hair that she describes as being “really precise and easy to use with a lever for blending.” Additionally, this device comes equipped with color-coded guide combs to keep your cutting edge straight, tidy, and in its proper spot. Its pivot motor can pull blades in two directions for enhanced cutting power and speed.


Hair clippers are tools used to quickly and safely trim off excess hair. Usually composed of two sharpened, comb-like blades that move sideways relative to each other, these hair clippers utilize either manual or electric mechanisms that pull hair between their blades in order to cut. Lubrication must be carried out regularly to minimize friction and ensure an accurate cutting edge is maintained.

Most hair clippers feature different attachment combs to allow you to tailor the length of your haircuts, increasing overall costs. Some models even come equipped with rechargeable batteries so they can be used anywhere without being tied down to an outlet, perfect for traveling barbers or body groomers who use these clippers on themselves.

Hair clippers are an invaluable tool for blending and fading as well as cutting away extra hair, though their purchase can be somewhat costly.