Chic Updo Hairstyles For Women With Natural Hair

Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and try something different with your hair? Whether it be the quarantine chop or working a protective style all year, there are plenty of chic yet effortless updos for textured locks to try.

No matter the length or texture of your locks, there are numerous ways you can incorporate braids into an updo for prom or any special event. Just be sure to use gel on the edges to smooth them down! Add dimension and texture to your pigtails with this elegant braided updo style! Perfect for floral or metallic dresses! If you have long hair, add waves for additional volume. People with natural hair might think it is impossible to wear an updo without washing your strands; however, it is still possible if you choose a dry shampoo instead of regular washes to keep your locks healthy, moisturized, and looking their best! This will also keep your scalp more beneficial than before!

Cornrows don’t only belong in braided hairstyles; they can be integrated into updo hairstyles to add something unique. Combining cornrows and afro puffs in this look creates an eye-catching style for women with medium to long locks. This protective updo features an exquisite halo braid with an elegant nape design, ideal for date night or an outing in the sun. Additionally, its display of natural curls adds refinement to its overall aesthetic. If you love wearing your hair in a sweet, plaited style, this chic updo hairstyle for black women will stand out. Perfect for special events and looks great when worn with vintage-inspired clothing or blouses.

This fun style is great for women with short natural hair. Not only is it stylish and unhackneyed, but also relatively straightforward once mastered by someone qualified enough. To complete it, have several horizontal flat twists or cornrows braided and bunch them up as a front roll! This style creates a sleek and elegant look suitable for formal events and casual wear while keeping hair away from your face and neck, keeping you cool even on hot days. What’s more, its long-term wear allows you to skip some hair-wash days without losing its style – making it the ideal solution for busy lifestyles that prevent them from keeping up with washing their locks as often.

Updos can help protect your strands from heat damage while simultaneously creating an elegant hairstyle. Furthermore, they keep hair off of your face and neck – perfect for hot weather – keeping it out of your eyes while staying in place all day or night for events that last an extended amount of time. Try this pretty twisted puffs style for a cute updo that works for natural black hair if you want something stylish yet easy! It is an effortless way to elevate your look while providing an attractive alternative to sleek ponytails and buns. This jumbo twist style will promote your face by giving volume on top and sleekness on the sides – the result is an elegant updo suitable for formal events. Additionally, this style makes an excellent way to go longer between washings while still having healthy-looking locks!

Are you searching for an effortless look with height and texture? Try the asymmetric braided updo! Featuring lush braids secured with pins to achieve a polished yet casual style, perfect for any special event or celebration. This stylish updo features two feeder braids combined into a stunning, low-crown bun that will turn heads. Perfect for work or school environments, it keeps hair away from your face while remaining stylish enough for professional environments. Braids can add an elegant, romantic edge to any updo. This crown-like braided updo will certainly turn heads at any formal event! Simply start plaiting your strands, wrap them around the crown of your head, and admire this striking style!