Cool Long Hairstyles For Guys

People often associate long hair for men with rugged outdoors people; however, their locks can also take on an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Middle Part Hairstyle

Try a middle part hairstyle that creates a soft pompadour look. Use light-hold pomade or sea salt spray to manage thick strands for an elegant yet modern look.


Long braids for men can be ideal for styling thick locks differently. Cornrows offer stylish yet protective styling, while twisted braids add soft feminine appeal. Braids can add color and personality to your look with ease. Consider neon and pop hues for a unique style or an ombre dye to gradually transition from dark to light shades.

Long hair in the Workplace

Long hair may seem unprofessional to some people, but that depends on how it’s worn. By keeping the locks neat and tamed, men with long locks can often rock a long man braid at most workplaces without issue. Just be sure to wear a stylish hat that complements your outfit.


Long locks look fantastic styled into a high ponytail or man bun, but long hair works beautifully when cut with a fade undercut style. This haircut narrows your face and emphasizes your best features. Schedule regular appointments at the barbershop to maintain this versatile and easy-to-maintain style. Achieve an undercut by tying back your top hair and using clippers to trim away excess length on both the sides and back of your head.


The pompadour is an iconic men’s hairstyle that always stays in style. Typically worn slicked back and complete with a beard shape to complete its look. Achieve the pompadour by blow-drying your hair to create volume, and use products like pomade or matte clay for styling purposes. Consider variations for different hair textures.


Curls add femininity to your look. Create beach waves using dry shampoo and comb, or go for more structured curly looks for something distinctive. Use a special comb for Afro or kinky-textured hair to reduce frizz and keep the curls uniform. Hair wax will also keep strands smooth and shiny. On days when you want a simple style, try a man ponytail to pull back your locks.

Man Bun

Long hair for men has become more accepted in recent years, and some guys even embrace it with the man bun. A man bun consists of tying knots of hair at the crown of the head. It can range from shaggy “full” buns to sleek top knots. This hairstyle is perfect for maintaining textured dreads while remaining refined and stylish.