Cool Haircuts For Black Guys

Black men have many options for styling their thick, kinky locks. A cornrow will keep their curls neat and stylish, or they could opt for dreadlocks with low skin fade and line-up styling options for an edgier style. They may opt for an eye-catching twist, burst fade mohawk, or high-top haircut for an eye-catching appearance. All of these chic haircuts for black guys focus on creating contrast and emphasizing natural hair texture.


Afro haircuts have become one of the most fashionable hairstyles among black men, highlighting its bold personality and sophistication while remaining accessible and modern. Afros allows men to experiment with hair design for added flair. This style features a high skin fade and bleached twisted curls, making it suitable for long, thick, kinky locks. Regular trims and styling to maintain this type of haircut are required, along with the use of moisturizer to hydrate and promote growth. The wavelength taper is another popular style among those looking to show off their afro hair. This cut can be combined with a temple fade or beard lineup for an attractive finish.


A military haircut is a timeless classic and suits almost every fashion statement, from casual to professional settings. With its classic clean lines and formal appearance, the military cut can also pair perfectly with beards or unique hair designs, and its versatile nature can work on all hair textures, from curly and coarse strands alike! Combine it with fade and pompadour styles for a modern take. The military cut is ideal for men with thin hair or seeking low-maintenance styles. This haircut includes closely cropped back and sides and longer top sections, which can be styled using hair pomade or wax. To add even more detail, ask your barber to include complex parts.


Dreadlocks are an eye-catching style for black guys, making a statement on the street and online. Dreads come in all forms, from short vertical ones to longer ones with twists. Dreads look best with a low, mid, or high fade for maximum impact – even adding a lineup can create a clean-cut look! For an unexpected modern touch, try dyeing your dreads a bold blonde or caramel hue ombre for added dimension and vibrancy! Braiding dreadlocks into a box braid can add another significant element to your style, upgrade your look, and make you feel more masculine. Add highlights for an eye-catching effect. This hairstyle works great with a side part or pulled up into a ponytail or man bun – plus, beards complete your stylish look perfectly!


There are many appealing haircuts available to black guys, and one of the most striking styles is the Biracial Boy Cut – featuring a rounded tall top, fade, and cute sponge twists – making this style an appealing mix between modern and classic styles, and especially attractive on men with naturally curly locks. This elegant style requires minimal styling to achieve. Simply using hair wax or oil will keep it luscious and polished. Additionally, this cut works well on different skin tones and facial structures, making you stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, its timeless fashion means it always stays in style; even adding beards will complete this impressive look!

Side part

Add some flair to your hair by trying the side part haircut. Perfect for black men with natural wavy or curly locks, it can easily be maintained through frequent trips to the barber. Add an accent of style by customizing this cut further by including challenging part designs or complex parts for even more significant variation in appearance. A taper fade is an iconic men’s haircut that will look great with any face shape and texture, providing an especially great solution for textured locks, creating a more polished and professional appearance. A side part with temple fade is an alternative take on the classic crew cut that’s easy to maintain with regular haircuts, pairing well with either high or low-skin fades.