Best Boy Hair Cuts

This style is perfect for boys with wavy or curly hair and uses styling gel for texture and hold.

A faded haircut is a timeless classic style for boys of all ages. Gradually tapering the sides and back creates an attractive swept-back appearance with short bangs on top.

Mohawk with a skin fade

When your child has long hair and an outgoing personality, styling it with a low-maintenance yet fashionable mohawk could be just what’s needed to express his unique style. This classic swooping hairstyle features a textured top that fades into neatly shaved sides for an eye-catching style sure to make an impression at school.

This haircut is ideal for boys with curly hair.

It keeps their curls intact while giving their head some added height, with an elegant taper fade making the sides look clean and stylish. Ideal for any special event and works well when worn alongside beards or mustaches, making this cut suitable for any event or special occasion.

If your child’s hair begins to grow out

You can give them a style that highlights their beautiful eyes and cheeks. A classic short boy haircut features a combover fade and windswept style on top, making this style suitable for children who adhere to relaxed dress codes.

Undercut with a hard part

If you want a practical and incredible haircut, the tapered look with a hard part might do the trick! This style keeps his hair manageably short on the sides and back while leaving enough length in his crown area for styling options like messy spikes – tousle it to set!

Side parted quiff fade

Boys may benefit from a side parted quiff fade haircut that combines a neat, polished style with an easily adaptable top. This look allows him to be as casual or dressed up as desired for any event, including school and work functions. Side-swept bangs frame his face beautifully while adding flair and depth. Spiky styles can easily be created using some styling gel.

Mid fade with a textured top

This boy’s haircut involves a classic fade on the sides and back while leaving longer locks at the crown for styling with hair gel or other products. This timeless classic can easily be shaped into a pompadour or different styles depending on age and preference.

High fade haircut for boys

A high fade haircut for boys is an eye-catching and trendsetting style that offers plenty of length and character on top. This look can be styled into either a sleek combover or worn loose for a punk skater aesthetic, or it works great as a low spiked mohawk on those days when your son wants to stand out on the playground.

This haircut is ideal for boys with curly hair

They wish to maintain their natural texture with little time styling their locks. It features a clean fade and side pattern consisting of two parallel lines. Pomade or wax can also be applied for extra hold and structure.

Messy fringe

Long hair with a textured fringe is one of the most fabulous styles for boys. This look works exceptionally well on those with naturally curly or wavy locks and will accentuate facial features. To style this look, use matte pomade to give texture and movement to the waves.

Timeless classic with colorful stripes

This timeless classic always goes in fashion and makes an effortless style statement for any boy. Add some visual interest with colorful stripes on either side for extra pizzazz.

Rupert Grint’s messy fringe

Rupert Grint may be best known for sporting a messy fringe, but any boy can try this style. To ensure an attractive, clean appearance, this style works exceptionally well on those with curly or wavy locks, as sweat or humidity will only dampen its appearance slowly.