Cuts For Men

Spikes: Spikes can add dimension and an edge to any style.

Close Taper Fades: Perfect for pairing with voluminous tops to provide a seamless transition from length to length. Complete the picture with clean facial styles.

Shag: An elegant and versatile style that can be tailored to suit any length and texture preferences. Cropped shags offer more casual textures, while long emo-style shags feature dramatic bangs. Highlight natural waves or twists with rich blonde hues for added volume and movement.

Got2b(r) Beach Matte Surfer Look Paste: Spread through hair for an unruly but flattering short sides long top style. Balances and frames the face perfectly when combined with a stubble beard. Suitable for medium, shorter, or longer hair.

Caesar: An ageless classic style that suits most men with curly locks. Clean line-up and low taper fade create a dapper look. Features brushed-forward top for an attractive and textured effect. Hide bald spots or widow’s peaks. Works well with natural hair hues and can be enhanced with beard or mustache definition.

Wavy Caesar: Features subtle sideburns and beards for refined detail. Pair with high skin fades for bolder effects. Works with natural hair hues.

Blowout: Eye-catching hairstyle for men with wavy or curly locks. Less styling required than straight styles. Longer top section creates a wispy look. Popularized in 2009 and now a favored look among black men. Short spikes at the crown can be gelled up for formal occasions or left loose for casual settings. Sophisticated fade on sides and back adds an elegant flair.

Side Part: Timeless classic hairstyle also known as businessman haircut. Ideal for a stylish yet professional appearance. Sides can be shaved or tapered according to personal preference. Add texture or create a quiff for a sexier look. Maintain with high-shine pomade or matte gel, or use Brylcream or sea salt sprays for more casual styles or added texture and volume.