Animal Crossing Hair Guide

Animal Crossing allows players to customize their character in numerous ways, including changing their hairstyle. Players can visit Shampoodle’s salon and have their character’s locks transformed for only 3000 bells!

How to Change Your Hairstyle

Animal Crossing New Leaf players have many ways to customize their island and characters, from styles and colors that help their character stand out in the crowd, to customizing islands themselves.

In-game, players start with eight styles to select from initially; more will become available as players upgrade their homes or complete tasks. Shampoodle at the plaza in town offers hairstyling services at the cost of 3,000 bells. She will trim, and style player locks while changing makeup as requested, even offering to match Miis saved in Mii Maker!

Harriet’s hair Salon

Harriet’s hair Salon is a new location allowing players professional haircuts. Located in the plaza, this establishment is run by Harriet herself, who looks like an adorable pink poodle with lopped-off ears and pink, fluffy locks.

Animal Crossing games featuring changing your hairstyle at Shampoodle were held within Nookington’s. Harriet managed this store both in Animal Crossing City Folk and New Horizons.

Harriet’s hair Salon allows players to visit once per day for a haircut at the cost of 3,000 bells, for which she will ask them a series of questions that determines the style they receive. If the player selects an incorrect option, they must pay another 3,000 bells to obtain their preferred hairstyle. Once Harriet receives their new haircut, she will leave her salon and roam about the plaza until they visit again and revert to their choice.

Hairstyles and Colors

Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes character customization one step further by allowing players to alter their hairstyle and color right from the beginning. Players have access to over thirty unique hairstyles and colors across twelve color options in the game – ideal for personalizing character appearance!

Animal Crossing fans might recognize this style from its appearance in the the series: it features some texture to give a more realistic appearance. The middle split adds dimension, yet an abrupt line between the pigtails and the shaved section needs to needs to look more well-thought-out. Fans of the ’90s will appreciate this spiky afro style. Though more boyband-oriented than anime-influenced, it works excellently to distinguish your character in a crowd.

Saving Nook Miles

Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes customizing your character’s appearance easy with its Hairstyles and hair Colors special features, offering six stylish hairstyles you can unlock for Nook Miles (purchasable from Tom Nook’s Resident Services terminal once your second house loan has been started). We suggest getting there early.

Visit Harriet’s outdoor salon and pay her with Nook Miles for daily haircuts that can fit your character and remain in their hair catalog until you change it again. Craft a mirror using wood and iron nuggets and place it inside your claustrophobic tent. Engaging with it brings up a quick selection of new hairstyles – an effective way to save Nook Miles during early games and prioritize style over survival. Also, keep some Nook Miles saved up before paying off Tom Nook and moving into your desired home.