Cool Blonde Hair Colors

Light Ash Blonde Shades for Cool Undertones

If your skin has cool undertones, light ash blonde shades without yellow tones may be best suited for you. These anti-red hues create the appearance of freshness and vitality for an enviable hair look.

Chrissy Teigen’s Icy Blonde Hue

Chrissy Teigen sports an icy blonde hue, which pairs beautifully with olive complexions and complements blue, green, and gray eye colors. However, maintaining such an effect requires additional maintenance than its warm-hued counterparts.

Dark Ash Blonde for Cool Complexions

Be bold with dark ash blonde, an eye-catching forest-inspired hue with cool gray undertones ideal for those with cool complexions or blue or green eyes. Additionally, this shade works great if you already have lighter blonde locks but wish to lighten them without compromising the color or texture.

Pale Pink Highlights in Ash Blonde

Pale pink highlights in ash blonde add instant brightness to any look. From face-framing highlights to an ombre or dip-dye effect that blends the two shades seamlessly, pale pink highlights in ash blonde create dimension in any regard.

Warm Golden Blonde Highlights

Add warm golden blonde highlights for a sun-kissed finish against fair complexions. Additionally, this shade suits darker eyes beautifully – making it a fantastic option for brunettes looking to brighten up.

Subtle Balayage Technique for Golden Blonde

Add an eye-catching finish with a subtle balayage technique! Golden blonde streaks accentuate your natural highlights for an eye-catching sun-kissed look with less noticeable re-growth. This style works exceptionally well on dark hair as its warm and cool blonde shades play peek-a-boo throughout your locks, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Champagne Blonde for Warm Skin Tones

Champagne blonde hair color offers light, soft golden undertones to add shimmering highlights. Perfect for warm skin tones as it doesn’t wash out or appear brassy on them; plus, this shade doesn’t require bleaching!

Rosy Golden Blonde for a Lively Complexion

Rosy golden blonde hair can make your complexion come alive! It works best with light to medium textures like beachy waves or smooth bobs. To maintain this hue, apply a moisturizing mask weekly and use heat protection whenever styling. A system designed specifically for blonde and color-treated locks may also help keep it hydrated.

Red Blonde for Added Drama

Red blonde is ideal for those seeking added drama in their look, bridging the gap between strawberry blonde and classic red hair colors. It looks striking against women of all ages and complexions alike and pairs particularly well with long, wavy styles featuring ringlets or loose waves to add volume to thin strands.

Soft Reddish Blonde Hues for Fair Complexions

Soft reddish blonde hues reminiscent of sunset are ideal for fair complexions and those beginning their graying process. Additionally, this timeless classic always goes in fashion!