blunt hair style

The blunt haircut is a versatile and easy-to-manage style for women. It looks neat and feminine and gives the wearer a very modern look. This style can be cut in many different ways depending on the length and texture of the hair. The most popular blunt haircuts are shoulder-length bobs and short pixie cuts. Side-parted short styles are particularly appealing to women with thinner frames. This style is very versatile, as it allows the wearer to experiment with different comb-outs and textures.

The blunt design is a very simple cut. The short, blunt ends add weight to the hair and frame the face. A medium-length bob or shoulder-length pixie can give your new style the edge you need. If you don’t want to have layers, you can also experiment with platinum blonde highlights for a more fancy look. This simple, clean look is a good fit for a number of different types of faces.