Trendy Collarbone Length Hairstyles

No matter if your locks are straight or wavy shoulder-length locks, there are a variety of flattering collarbone-length hairstyles for you to try out. Make your bob even more eye-catching by opting for face-framing bangs or layers in the form of a layered lob. Before blow-drying, spray your locks with L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray for silky straight locks that draw the eye.

Bettina Looney’s Choppy Collarbone-Length Lob

Bettina Looney, an influencer, showcases this technique beautifully with her choppy collarbone-length lob featuring natural volume and texture.

Shaggy Layers with Bangs

Fashionable shaggy collarbone-length haircuts with bangs are in style. This trendy style features long, choppy layers throughout the hair with romantic side-swept bangs to frame the face and frame the eyes beautifully. Create depth using a rattail comb to make deep side parts, and for volume enhancement, use the L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray on strands for extra volume boost.

Wavy Collarbone-Length Hairstyles

Wavy collarbone-length hairstyles make for the ideal look when going out with friends. A copper-brown hue pairs beautifully with soft layers for a statement-making style that is sure to turn heads and impress! Pair this look with classic red lipstick and cat-eye makeup for an unforgettable evening out, or give it more contemporary appeal by adding some eye-catching highlights to your tresses.

Side-Swept Bob with Bangs

A bob hairstyle with side-swept bangs is an edgy way to frame your face, pairing well with sleek layers or curled locks. To maintain soft strands even in an otherwise blunt cut bob, ask your stylist to apply Kenra Volume 25 sparingly throughout its layers. Julianne Hough’s atomic blonde bob with side-swept bangs epitomizes how this hairstyle enhances her face. Its voluminous layers widen her jawline while its light blond side-swept lifts draw focus to her eyes and cheekbones. Medium-length bobs with side-swept bangs are an adaptable and flattering style for women of all ages and face shapes, including small faces. This particular look helps balance out the body of both foreheads and features.

Messy Fringe with Bangs

Thinner-haired individuals should opt for a shaggy style with flipped ends, as it adds volume and elegance. Blonde highlights can further accentuate your natural beauty. Contact your stylist and request they add face-framing curtain bangs to your collarbone-length bob for an elegant, feminine look. Play up its texture by applying some pomade or matte clay. Be prepared to wow everyone with this stunning wavy collarbone-length lob! Style your curls into an inverted center-parted fringe to exude supermodel status, and finish it off with some hairspray for long-term beachy waves. For an added sexy, flirty touch, sweep the bangs to one side for added drama.

Beachy Waves

For a sleeker, more polished style, consider creating beachy waves by slicing your hair into beachy waves. Start with clean, dry strands and apply heat protectant before curling it with hot rollers. After curling it, use texturizing spray or sea salt for a more realistic-looking texture and volume; create a deep side part before finishing it with a light pomade to define this voluminous style. A classic beachy wave hairstyle looks fantastic with any length of strands and any bang style – bangs or no bangs included. It features a soft face-framing texture suitable for red carpet events and everyday life, while being easy to achieve using either heatless curling irons or curling irons! Coil each strand irregularly rather than uniformly.

Straightened Bangs

If your locks are naturally straight, try creating a style that lets your strands shine by using L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Boost It High Lift Creation Spray to enhance them and form a chic deep side part for an eye-catching look. If your face is square, ask your stylist to create a straightened bang cut angled toward the center of your forehead to soften and emphasize your eyes. Oval faces can benefit from having straighter fringe that sits beneath their eyebrow. If you have dark brown collarbone hair color, add light blonde highlights for added dimension and charm with straight across bangs framed by golden blonde highlights to frame and define your face and add appeal. This two-toned look will turn heads when out and about with friends!