Biolage Hair Color

Modern plant-based hair color formulas like Biolage’s offer a much healthier alternative to traditional dyes. “They do not contain any harmful toxins found in traditional dye,” according to Lewis. This vegan no-lift hair color delivers sheer hues in 10 minutes or total coverage in 30. Intermixable and lasting through 20 shampoos, it contains clean henna powder, metal-free cassia leaves, and coconut oil for optimal performance.

Brilliant Color

Modern plant-based hair color formulas offer a range of hues that resist color fade for up to 20 shampoos while being gentler on your strands than traditional colors and less damaging than them. This hair dye comprises 82-100% plant-based ingredients and does not contain ammonia. Using henna leaves for depth and background color without metallic salts, cassia leaves for intense shine, and pure direct dyes to balance and stabilize its formula for consistent results, this hair dye produces lasting color results every time. Available in 20 inter-mixable shades, this hair color can be used for toning, glossing, lightening, and all-over gray blending up to 60%. With no need for the developer and only mixing with hot water required – what could be simpler?

Zero Damage

Hair coloring products usually use ammonia-based developers to push color deep into each strand, but this may leave your strands dry and more susceptible to breakage than before. Modern plant-based hair dyes use coconut oil to promote healthy strands and natural ingredients like purified henna leaves and cassia to add brilliant shine and blend greys easily. These no-lift shades don’t require pre-lightening and can last up to 20 shampoos, with inter-mixable colors suitable for toning, glossing, and refreshing even previously colored locks. Furthermore, no metallic salts are used, and they’re entirely vegan-friendly!

Zero Ammonia

Ammonia, an alkaline ingredient commonly used in traditional hair dyes, opens the cuticle so color pigments and developer can be deposited inside. Unfortunately, ammonia can damage strands and cause unpleasant odors to emanate from them. Ammonia-free dyes work by replacing ammonia with another chemical formula, but not all products on the market offer equal performance. We tapped Alfredo Lewis for insight into intelligent selection when selecting ammonia-free hair color products. Biology offers 20 nature-inspired, long-lasting, inter-mixable true-to-tone shades made up of 82 to 100% plant ingredients with ten or fewer components or less, such as purified henna leaves (without metallic salts) and cassia for intense shine.

Zero Sulfates

Biolage’s eco-friendly, plant-based hair color features no PPD or resorcinol; it contains toluene-2,5-diamine sulfate (PTDS), making it free from ammonia. Hairstylists can utilize this product to achieve natural-looking tones, glosses, and blends that complement natural colors or cover grey locks while adding shine and revitalizing dull locks. This color-last shampoo is sulfate-free and designed to protect colored hair from premature fade. Packed with orchid extract to nourish strands and keep their vibrancy alive, its gentle formula is suitable for color-treated locks, free from silicones and phthalates.

Zero Parabens

Modern plant-based hair colors have become quite sophisticated and effective thanks to advanced scientific knowledge about selecting suitable plants and combining them effectively. Vegan formulas usually consist of 82% to 100% plant-based ingredients, with up to ten components permitted per formula. Opt for nature-inspired, long-term inter-mixable shades like mint blonde, goji red, and ginger copper for no-lift and no-ammonia hair dyeing that leaves color molecules that last through 20 shampoos without harming strands. This color contains high concentrations of purified, metal-free henna and cassia to provide long-lasting, rich pigmentation that won’t fade to an ashy or brown hue over time. Use a color-safe shampoo such as Biolage Colorlast to maintain and preserve its integrity for the best results.

Climate Pledge Friendly

As a green beauty brand, we understand that sustainability is more than a trend; it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we make it easy for salon professionals to shop more sustainably with our Climate Pledge Friendly badge and C2C Certified products. Search Amazon products marked Climate Pledge Friendly on third-party certifications like OEKO-TEX and Forest Stewardship Council, as well as Amazon’s sustainable credentials such as Compact by Design or Preowned Certified to find Climate Pledge Friendly products, or filter search results only to show such products. Furthermore, licensed salon professionals can easily recycle traditionally non-recyclable salon waste with Biolage Professional’s new limited-edition Color Last hybrid recycled packaging or the SalonCycle box.