Blue Anime Model

Collar length  is versatile and can be worn in many ways. A layered cut is popular, and a blunt style is easy to manage. A choppy bob can lighten heavy hair, and its face framing layers make it easy to maintain. A shaggy bob looks great on any face shape, and can be cut with a saltwater spray for added texture. A rounded bob can be easily styled with an ear tuck and middle parting.

Collar length styles can be versatile and easy to style. If you are indecisive, go for a messy cut and use a variety of products to make your style look messy. Middle parting, ear tucking, and salt spray can help you get the perfect look. You may even consider wearing a hat to show off your unkempt collar length style. The style is also ideal for those with fine hair.

A choppy layered bob is a great style for thick, collar length hair. This cut can take the weight off of heavy, wavy hair while still offering enough movement for daily styling. It also looks fabulous with face framing layers and short, stubby bangs. Here are some ways to rock the latest style: Let loose with a saltwater spray or rough dry that overnight. A choppy layered bob is perfect for thick, wavy or curly tresses. A choppy layered bob offers a modern, sleek look.