How to Style Collarbone Length Hair

Collarbone-length hair is an iconic style that complements any face shape and texture. It is not small enough to easily pull off low ponytails or top knots, yet not too long, so there are numerous styling possibilities.

Loose curls in collarbone-length hair are an effortless style for an elegant everyday look. Easy to manage and manageable in just minutes – an impressive feat indeed!

Start by curling the bottom layer of hair in one-inch vertical sections away from your face, starting from its base layer. When complete, clip it up and repeat this process on your middle and top layers.

Once your curls have set, brush them with a boar bristle brush before spraying flexible hold hairspray to keep flyaways at bay and prolong their existence. Doing this will also help them remain as long as possible.

Karlie Kloss made the rattail infamous with her imitators, and it remains an excellent way to add texture and depth to any collarbone length cut. This versatile style can be worn either in the center part or side part, featuring natural texture, piece-y ends, feathered bangs, and feathered bangs for an effortlessly chic style that features natural texture, feathered bangs, piece ends, and feathered bangs for an effortlessly stylish finish.

For best results use Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray (15), before curling for an added fuller silhouette. A blunt cut with face-framing waves is a stylish choice that works on heart-, diamond-, and square-shaped faces. To emulate Union’s look, add shine spray or work Oribe Clutch Hairspray ($17) through your lengths to lock in moisture and ensure proper hydration of your locks.

Choppy layers are an enduring classic haircut style that emphasizes texture. First popularized during the punk and new wave era of 1970s America, stylists would use this technique to craft unconventional looks that were unconventional and rebellious.

No matter your hair texture – curly, wavy, or pin-straight – this versatile look can flatter any facial structure and highlight your natural features to their fullest extent. Choppy layer hairstyles also help thick or flat hair appear fuller and fuller while making thin locks appear fuller and fuller than before.

If you want to elevate the style of your collar-length bob, consider adding wispy bangs and dyeing it a dark copper ginger shade for a two-tone color that will complement your fair skin beautifully. It will create an exquisite two-tone effect with gorgeous layers that complement one another perfectly.

A graduated bob with long front layers can add dimension and volume to thin hair. While most bobs have soft, asymmetrical layers, you can opt for extreme variations, such as creating choppy shapes for an edgier look that works especially well on straight locks but may also work well on wavy ones. Just remember that maintaining its shape requires regular trims.

If you love ombre, add dimension and diversity to your graduation bob style by pairing contrasting hair colors – for instance, this girl has honey-brown and blonde layers in her chin-length bob. Curtain bangs can further elevate this style!

Curtain bangs offer a soft and flattering effect when worn against thick hair; their lightweight yet versatile nature makes them suitable for thick locks as they can be styled side-swept or left in their original position for an unfussy, feminine look.

A layered bob with curtain bangs is an effortless and modern look that is easy to maintain. Pair this cut with sea salt spray to eliminate frizz and add texture for a slightly tousled and messy effect. Curtain bangs can help add volume and movement to thin hair while simultaneously concealing forehead lines.

One-length cuts are ideal for those seeking an effortless, straight style without layers. Additionally, one-length cuts can help those with naturally curly or wavy locks manage volume more effectively while adding in-depth texture. This style can easily be maintained with regular trims and the use of leave-in products, such as leave-in conditioners and jellies.

One-length cuts are less prone to showing dryness and damage than their layered counterparts, making this style suitable for all hair types. They work particularly well on oval, square, and heart-shaped faces, accentuating eyes and forehead while complementing different makeup looks.

Straight neck-length haircuts provide a sleek and polished look, suitable for almost all hair textures and face shapes. Try adding soft blonde highlights for an eye-catching finish, while opting for a deep side part to define this timeless classic further.

Curtain bangs add an eye-catching flair to a collarbone-length haircut with their dramatic and eye-catching frame of the forehead, perfect for glasses wearers. Medium shaggy lobs are fun, tomboyish styles that can easily be dressed up for more sophisticated looks with deep side fringes or added movement through texture. Wavy texture adds movement without becoming difficult to manage.