How to Style a Tom Hardy Haircut

Slicked Back Comb Over

Tom Hardy pairs an elegant combination of a slicked back haircut with a low fade to create an impressive style. This look works best on men with medium length locks; however, longer locks may still work. A bit of hair wax or pomade is required to slick back the locks into place but the results make it all worth while!

Buzz Cut

Tom Hardy looks fantastic with a buzz cut, as this low maintenance style only requires occasional touch ups to maintain its good looks and rugged charm. Many fans copy his style as one of their own! It is certainly one of his most beloved looks that many emulate from him.


An undercut is another popular hairstyle similar to the buzz cut, featuring fully shaved sides and back, while keeping longer top sections that can then be styled slick back or forward using hair pomade. Tom Hardy made headlines with this style in his movie Warrior and it truly looked fantastic on him. Perfectly complementing his look is the military influence this style adds. Plus it can easily be achieved at your local barbershop; just ask them to fade your side and back sections while leaving some length up top for an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Long on the Sides

Hardy is best-known for his fades and undercuts, yet he also sports long on the sides styles. While playing James Delaney in Taboo TV series he kept back and sides short for an almost crop/combover style; this look works with full beards as well. Add sophistication to a long on the sides haircut by pairing it with a high skin fade for an updated look – Tom Hardy would certainly approve! Your barber can use a clipper with an extended guard to achieve this Tom Hardy hairstyle and leave longer sections at the top uncombed for an appealing appearance – then complete your look by styling with a medium beard for an added dose of masculinity.

Bald Head

Tom Hardy is known to sport a bald head haircut as one of his signature looks, often wearing it in various forms from messy and spiky to sleek back and straight. Achieve this style simply by shaving your eyebrows and trimming the remainder of your head using razor shears before applying hair pomade to style it further. Tom Hardy is known for his bold hairstyles, but on occasion will opt for more sophisticated looks. Here he can be seen sporting an elegant style: in this picture he sports a slicked back comb over with long locks brushed upward using hair pomade. It is particularly useful for men with naturally wavy or type 2 hair; simply use extra pomade or hair gel as needed to keep it looking sleek and smooth – an timeless classic look suitable for any special occasion!