Hairstyles for the Coarse Curly Hair Male


– Having curly hair requires a proper haircare routine to avoid frizz and tangles.

– Consider a high fade haircut to showcase your curls and create a stylish look.

Long Curly Style

– Growing out your curls is impressive but can be a commitment.

– This look features a low taper fade with weighty curls on top.

– Ideal for men with difficult-to-control locks.

Layered Cut

– A casual style with twisted curls and volume.

– Completes the look with chill stubble and fading around the ears.

Curly Hair Maintenance

– Curly hair requires special care and maintenance.

– Suitable haircuts for curls make styling effortless.

High-Fade Haircut

– An eye-catching style that highlights curly locks.

– Short sides and back with longer tops create a modern appearance.

– Low maintenance style for men.

Temple Fade with Curved Lineup

– Shaved sides draw attention to thick, voluminous curls.

– Good with beard or stubble for added style.

Curly Taper Fades

– Short sides contrast with the longer curly tops.

– Use texturizing products for structure and regular moisturizing.

Long Curly Ponytail

– Easy and stylish hairstyle with no effort required.

– Pomade or wax can help shape and define curls.

Sloppy Quiff

– Versatile curly hairstyle that works with any outfit.

– Trim locks to an even length and use appropriate products.

– Accessorize with a beard for an authentic appearance.

The High-Fade Haircut

– Allows your natural texture to show with a sleek appearance.

– Can be styled into low ponytails for added elegance.


– Co-washing (conditioner washing) is popular among the curly hair community.

– Cleanse hair and scalp with conditioner instead of shampoo.

– Helps maintain moisture balance and prevent dryness.

Choosing a Co-Wash

– Curly hair can become dry, so a co-wash is essential.

– Look for co-washes with gentle surfactants and humectants.

– Ingredients like baobab oil and cupuacu butter help hydrate strands.

– Avoid sulfates and parabens; use clarifying shampoo monthly.


– These hairstyles and tips will keep your curly hair looking its best.

– Embrace your curls and create an effortless style no matter the occasion.