Skelet hair For Men

Long hair Skullet

Skillet with skin fade haircuts are ideal for longer locks that want something unique, yet low maintenance. Perfect for those who are seeking to add an edge to their style! This year marks a comeback of the skullet (also known as a mullet or shag).

Shaved Head Skullet

While shaved heads may be considered bold and daring styles, they can be highly fashionable when worn correctly. The key is finding an appropriate balance between your shaved head and longer locks for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Short hair Skullet

Skelets can still be an excellent way to express yourself if you have short hair. It can be worn with or without a mullet and looks great with different textures.


If you want a more formal look for your skullet, a faded haircut may be worth considering. This style gradually shortens around the back and ears over time. This hairstyle requires extreme confidence to pull off.

Crew Cut

With a crew cut, you can achieve an elegant and formal style. Use hair pomade to lift up the front of your hair for an effortlessly straight and sleek style that suits any event or setting.

Another variation of this style is the textured crew cut, perfect for men with naturally wavy locks, as its texturized appearance creates a more relaxed and less rigid impression.