Classy Short Hairstyles

Short hair can be styled in various ways, fromm tight buns and updos to relaxed waves and accessories that elevate the style. Short locks are incredibly flexible.


Crimping has emerged as a trend this year and works beautifully on all short haircuts. Try accent crimps around the face for a throwback ’80s vibe.

A-line Haircut

A-line haircuts are eye-catching cuts that suit all face shapes. This haircut features longer front strands that taper into a back part that can be layered for added volume. An A-line can even work wonders for women with thin hair!

A-line Bob

A-line bobs can make any outfit stand out and add dimension by dressing them with subtle highlights like these soft balayage highlights on this brunette A-line bob.

Messy Bowl Cut

The messy bowl cut is an effective style to make an impressionful statement. Boasting a side part and loose curls, this haircut exudes casual chic while covering any imperfections in your hairline.

Layered Pixie

The layered pixie is another popular bowl-cut style for thin hair that gives your locks fuller volume while concealing any receding hairline. Featuring delicately sliced layers that frame eyes and ears elegantly, this haircut is easy to maintain, while you can add bold accent colors for an eye-catching finish.

Vintage Hairstyle

Vintage hairstyles remain classic and never go out of fashion. Characterized by volume and enhanced by an eye-catching hair accessory, vintage styles make a statement at formal events such as weddings or galas.

Victory Rolls

Victory rolls were popular vintage short hairstyles during the 1940s. This technique involves curling your chin-length hair into tight, large coils with perfect shapes for an attractive vintage look. Use either a heated roller or regular iron to achieve this task; numerous online tutorials will show you how to do so.

Braided Part

Braids (also called plaits) are timeless classics for any hair length. A fishtail braid is the perfect finishing touch to add a boho touch! To achieve it, start by sectioning off near the ears into three equal parts; pick out small slices from the right section and cross them over the middle section before repeating this pattern until the braid’s end. Add highlights to your short hair for a voluminous and sophisticated finish, using a balayage color that creates a natural-looking shimmer.

High-Volume Fringe

The high-volume fringe is an elegant classic style that works for all hair types and facial structures, providing height and volume without too much weight on your head. Comb-overs with bangs can completely revitalize traditional older men’s styles and give them a contemporary edge. You can quickly achieve this look with either a low fade or soft part for an understated and sophisticated appearance or go bolder with a high fade and hard part shaved lines on one side for something more aggressive and daring.

Natural hair Updo

Hairstyles that look stunning when worn naturally include many beautiful updos that anyone with 4c or kinky locks can try, whether 4c is their natural state or they opt for synthetic extensions. Try styling a voluminous curly pompadour such as this easy yet dramatic style at your next wedding or formal event – perfect for adding drama! An elegant cornrow updo is another timeless hairstyle for natural hair that makes stars like Winnie Harlow and Jhene Aiko stand out on the red carpet. Compared with box braids, this style requires less installation time and can be worn in multiple ways.

Geometric Afro

This short afro hairstyle features an eye-catching fade and an eye-catching twist, designed to add volume and allow curls to move freely. It requires minimal maintenance and highlights black hair’s natural beauty while offering women a great way to maintain healthy locks. This elegant short afro style boasts a tapered cut for an effortlessly pulled-together appearance. If your hair length falls between chin-length and shoulder-length, try this look using box braids; alternatively, pull back your ponytail for a chic updo look.