Cool Curly Hairstyles

If your wavy, curly, or coily locks reach to your shoulders or just below them, consider opting for a long jet-black bob with a side part combover to frame your face and create a lively style for your curls. This style frames your face beautifully while creating an exciting new look!

Carrie Bradshaw’s Texturized Curls

Carrie Bradshaw pulled off this look ideally with her texturized curls, so be sure to request a stepped-layer cut that separates and defines these loose coils for more defined results.

Layered Curls

Women with naturally curly hair can quickly achieve a carefree style with a layered cut highlighting their curls. From loose beachy waves like Gwen Stefani’s to more structured yet bouncy ones like Susan Sarandon’s, a layered cut will bring movement into their locks and keep this style looking modern. Use a texturizing product on the ends to define individual strands and add dimension. For a subtler manner, ask your stylist to add long layers that focus on framing the face while thinning toward the ends. This style works exceptionally well on round or oval facial features as it helps prepare them while giving an illusion of fuller head shapes. Complete this look by pairing your layered cut with caramel balayage highlights for dimension and pop while helping reduce frizz and boosting curly locks’ shine.

Shaggy Curls

There’s nothing quite as stunning as a wavy shag hairstyle that flaunts your gorgeous curls. This style works exceptionally well on women with fuller faces with thick rings. Ask your stylist to cut a high fade into your hair before adding texturing products such as mousse. Thin hair can still work with a curly shag; all that’s necessary to create one is some experimentation with texture. Try making an elegant widow’s peak that stands a few inches above the crown with low tapering at the sides; it looks much more refined than full fades! Using this style to frame your face may also help if you have thin or fine hair. Ensure that the sides and back of your head don’t feature too much volume to avoid an intense look.

Messy Curls

Showcase your curls while looking effortlessly chic by sporting this adorable messy updo. Medium curly hair makes this style much easier, as layered cuts prevent curls from shrinking too much while adding volume at the top of your head. Try this casual look ideal for beach or summertime outings: use styling gel to give your locks natural texture while controlling frizz, then work it in with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Finish off the style by spraying hairspray to hold its form. If you have a long, curly bob, experiment with double buns – also known as space buns. This playful hairstyle is easy to do and elevates any outfit instantly. Add a few drops of hairspray for added security!

Stacked Curls

For women with soft and delicate curls, a short stacked curly bob is the ideal hairstyle to express your feminine side. It is effortlessly stylish and straightforward to manage: use lots of texturizing spray to tame those kinky locks, and you’re good to go. Combine a chin-length curly bob with side-swept bangs for an eye-catching feminine style that frames your jawline and neck area. Choose a vibrant hue like deep wine or caramel to give depth and fullness to the class. Add fun and flirty charm to your bob with beautiful blonde balayage highlights for an exciting and youthful look that’s ideal for any event! These subtle gold threads enhance wavy locks with more volume and texture, creating a sexy and young style perfect for any special occasion!