The Short Version of the Classic Shag Haircut

The short version of a classic shag haircut is an attractive, feminine style that can be worn in many ways. It is especially suitable for older women seeking texture and volume without maintaining long or heavy locks. Ask your stylist to give you a modern, layered shag that’s not too choppy or full at the crown – this will allow you to experiment with fun details like trendy bangs and asymmetric highlights while only needing regular trimming every 8-10 weeks or so. This style also requires minimum upkeep requiring only periodic trims!


Medium-haired women looking to add texture and volume should try a shag cut, ideal for rockers or fashionistas with its choppy layers and edgy appeal. Take it further by adding color; it all adds an edge, whether that means subtle effects by dying the dips for an integrated approach or bold contrast from only dying the bangs. Gray hair works well with shag cuts because they conceal its gray tones without looking flat or dull. Actress Kerry Washington provides an outstanding example of how to style a medium-length shag cut with soft bends and side-parted curtain bangs for a feminine chic style.


Long shag hairstyles offer women with thicker locks who desire low-maintenance yet full, luxurious locks a low-maintenance, yet voluminous style. Additionally, this style can be styled with fringe or side-swept bangs to soften the facial features; and add some added color, as seen with Kerry Washington’s gorgeous medium shag. Long shags can also add an edge to their style, like this asymmetrical long shag with curtain bangs on Chloe Grace Moretz, which displays rebellious flair while remaining soft and feminine. One way to create a modern, versatile long shag is with balayage highlights. This technique has become increasingly popular as it allows them to change the tone of their hair from lighter or darker for an integrated look or contrasted colors for more dramatic effects.


Women over 50 often prefer shag styles as it adds volume and texture to fine hair while framing and flattering their features. Furthermore, this look can conceal fine lines and wrinkles as well. Plus, it’s simple to style by wearing soft waves or adding a balayage color that lightens and brightens locks! A layered shag haircut can create movement in both wavy and curly locks. Just apply some volumizing styling mousse before blow-drying your locks, and style into your desired texture for best results. The layered shag hairstyle is easy, fashionable, and chic to rock that works on almost all face shapes. Kerry Washington stands out with her medium shag cut, which features face framing layers and bangs complemented with its chocolate brown hue for an effortlessly cool yet chic vibe.