Real Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions offer more options in terms of colors and styles and blend more naturally with natural locks than synthetic fibers.

An essential step: Getting them cut

A good cut can render any distinction between real hair extensions and natural hair almost invisible, making it crucial to incorporate them seamlessly.

Made of human hair

Hair extensions add length or volume to your locks and come in natural human hair or synthetic forms. Natural human hair blends better with your own strands and looks more natural but is more expensive. Choose from clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, and pre-bonded extensions or pre-bonded ones for the best experience.

Advantages over synthetic extensions

Natural hair extensions offer many advantages over synthetic ones regarding styling options. You can straighten, curl, blow dry, and dye them like your natural locks without worrying about heat or harsh hair products causing damage. Prioritize sufficient research before selecting a brand to ensure high-quality Remy hair and consider installation methods and cost.


Natural hair extensions are reusable and easy to care for, but selecting the right product based on your needs and learning how to install them precisely and patiently is crucial. Depending on the type of hair extension, you can use it for four or five months. They are versatile for various styles and heat-resistant when using hot tools.

Affordable option

Hair extensions are an affordable way to transform your look, with different lengths and colors available. Remy human hair extensions offer natural transformation but may be costly. Cheap clip-in extensions are a popular alternative that can add eight inches and last four months before needing to be repositioned.

Easy maintenance

To ensure the durability of your hair extensions, regular check-ups with your stylist to remove tangled or matted extensions as your natural hair grows and to reposition them as necessary are essential. Use light products that won’t weigh down your locks, and be cautious when using heat-intensive styling tools. Sew-in extensions are the longest-term method, lasting up to four months and providing a seamless and natural appearance.