Long Hair Trends for 2020

Long hair is an elegant yet classic style that enhances facial features and offers various styling options. Whether you want braided styles, luxurious waves, or trendy cuts, find inspiration here for your long locks in 2020.

Layered Cuts for Long Hair

Adding layers to long hair creates movement and volume, making it more manageable and providing dimension to the face. Consider layered cuts inspired by iconic looks or tailored to your natural waves for a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

Blunt Bob with Evenly Distributed Layers for Straight Hair

A blunt bob with evenly distributed layers is a modern and elegant choice for those with straight, long hair. Stacked front layers add movement and frame the face, while caramel balayage highlights add warmth and sophistication.

Layered Bob with Center Parting for Soft Curls

For those with soft and loose curls, a layered bob with a center parting is a great option. This style highlights the voluminous curls and gives a feminine and romantic vibe. Using texturizing spray helps to maintain volume and smoothness.

Ombre Haircut for Dark Hair

Dark hair often lacks shine and appears flat. Adding layers and opting for an ombre haircut, where darker roots transition into lighter ends, can bring out your dark locks’ natural shine and brightness.

Long-Layered Haircut for Thicker Hair

As we age, hair tends to become thinner and brittle. However, a long layered haircut can bring back thickness and fullness. This style accentuates the neckline and creates movement without adding bulkiness or volume.

Long Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for Round Face Shape

For those with a round face shape, a long bob with side-swept bangs is recommended. This style balances the facial structure and draws attention to the eyes. Cracks also allow for experimentation with different fringe styles without compromising volume.


Long undercuts add flair and variety to your look without sacrificing your natural length. You can reveal or hide the shaved section according to your mood and the occasion. Adding a fade cut enhances the feminine yet bold style.

More minor Undercut at the Nape of the Neck

If you prefer a less intense style, consider a more minor undercut at the nape of your neck. You can personalize this shaved section to suit your taste, and it’s easy to maintain with regular trimming using a beard trimmer. This style is also convenient for fall wear with scarves and turtlenecks.

Intricate Patterns for Undercuts

To make your undercut more eye-catching, experiment with intricate patterns. From delicate floral designs to masculine hexagon patterns, these decorative elements add personal flair to your appearance and work well with short or medium-length hair.

Maintenance Tips for Undercuts

Using products designed for sharp edges and strongholds is essential for maintaining the appearance of an undercut. Conditioning shampoo and conditioner are recommended to promote healthy locks.

Messy Waves

Messy waves are easy to maintain and work well for casual, dressy looks. You can customize this style with subtle highlights for more texture or a bolder, full-color for added impact. Achieve beachy waves by applying styling creme, using a flat iron, and finishing with a shine-enhancing spray for a glossy finish.

Long hair offers versatile styling options in 2020. Whether you choose layered cuts, undercuts, or messy waves, embrace your long locks and create beautiful looks that suit your style and personality.