Color Ideas

If you like the idea of cinnamon hair but are hesitant to bleach all of it, consider baby balayage instead.

Your stylist will hand-paint color onto only face-framing locks for low maintenance with fewer touchups needed than full-color treatments.

Cinnamon dye is an all-natural lightener that won’t cause as much damage as bleach bleaching does. However, three or four applications will likely be necessary to achieve lighter hair shades.

SZA’s Mahogany Hair

SZA chose a rich mahogany hue for her voluminous locks, creating a timeless, vibrant look with straight or loose, curly locks.

It makes an impactful statement about her beautiful complexion and dark eyes.

Opt for a cinnamon balayage that blends seamlessly into your natural brunette hue for an easier way to join in the trend.

This subtle color choice will add a hint of red without being too bold.

Cinnamon brown looks fabulous when worn with long, cascading curls like those seen on Zendaya and can add extra pops of color with its face-framing highlights, as seen on Beyonce.

Maya Rudolph’s Brunette

After finishing her promotion to Sisters, SNL alum Lainie Flockhart took some time off at the beach to unwind and recharge.

Wearing an eye-catching colorful patterned halter-neck bathing suit, her hair was in an effortless bun while sporting round frame sunglasses for optimal sunbathing.

Rudolph is well known for her wide range of impersonation skills and wisecracking demeanor, making her the ideal actress to portray tech gazillionaire Molly Novak on the Apple TV series Loot.

Her natural cinnamon tone complements her dark curls perfectly when styled into loose chignons – ideal for brunettes looking to add color without going too red!

Natasha Lyonne’s Vibrant Red

Natasha Lyonne has quickly established herself as one of Hollywood’s premier sly antiheroes with her vibrant red locks, gender-bending fashion choices, and raspy voice.

An actress, producer, and director, she is well known as Hollywood’s premier lovable rogue.

Lyonne stole the show at Variety’s Power of Women event with her red suit featuring an unconventional detail: an unexpected cutout.

She styled her beehive curls into voluminous curls accented by an eye-catching pinup fringe and retro pinup fringes for maximum impact.

She channeled screen siren Brigitte Bardot in a black Moschino dress with looping cuffs and a black collar, accessorized with bold lips and a soft pink glow, and completed the look with pink nails and matching slickers for added effect.

Isla Fisher’s Natural

Actress Isla Fisher stands out among many celebrities by remaining a redhead throughout her career.

Her vibrant locks come from her Scottish heritage and pair perfectly with her gorgeous brown eyes; be it sporting a pixie cut or flowing locks – Isla is always captivating.

Since she has lightened her locks over time, Khloe Kardashian’s latest look of a creamy shade of brown proves bronde shadows will reign supreme this year (Kim Kayne has rocked one too).

Kayne paired it with an eye-catching classic emerald-colored earring for added flair.

Amal Clooney’s Dark Cinnamon

Julia Roberts has experimented with every shade in the book during her career, but this chestnut cinnamon hue mainly takes us.

It adds warmth and dimension to her thick locks, while Kerry Washington opts for a more subdued take by weaving it into her braids for small pops of color.

Natasha Lyonne offers more vibrant versions that complement coppery highlights and curtain bangs perfectly.

Babylights and face-framing balayage can provide a low-maintenance look with cinnamon-brown hair.

Even tiny ribbons of color look natural while adding brightness without overwhelming your base shade, like in this style worn by Queen Latifah.