How to Wear Layered Hair Front and Center

Layered hair can be an easy and stylish way to add depth and dimension to your style. They may even be very flattering, depending on how they’re styled!

Alicia Keys paired her signature kinky curls with a stunning layered cut and cute front bangs to achieve this striking style.

Women with fine hair may benefit from layering their locks to give the illusion of increased density, using various textures such as razor or shear texturizing tools to tame it into place.

Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are an effective way to frame your face and draw attention to its most beautiful features, making them suitable for almost all hair textures and lengths.

Long hair looks particularly striking with face-framing layers, while fine or thin hair may benefit from reduced weight and added volume through their application.

The position of face-framing layers will depend on your desired style. For instance, if you have a round face, layers near your cheekbones or nose may help enhance its features, while with square faces, wispy curtain bangs may soften their hard lines.

When cutting face-framing layers on your own, using sharp and lightweight scissors is essential. In addition, dampening your hair before beginning is recommended so it will be easier for straight and even cuts – this can be done either after showering with toweling drying or by using a spray bottle to re-dampen before cutting starts.

Long Layers

Long layers can create an eye-catching silhouette or make thin and flat hair appear thicker and fuller, working wonders on all textures, fragile textures that could use an injection of volume and thickness.

Long layers also work wonders, shaping curly and wavy locks and relieving excess weight from thick locks.

Ask your stylist to layer your locks using a side-parted bob or shag cut if you have medium-length hair. This will add dimension and movement while being easy to style using different techniques.

Consider trying choppy layers for an unconventional and trendy style for longer hair. The look works on all colors of brown hair, including toning it to suit your complexion. Additionally, there’s the new technique of internal layering, which cuts bulk without creating visible layers, creating sleek and svelte locks with youthful energy!

Round Layers

Round layers are incredibly flattering and versatile, creating a rounded shape around the face and softening bulk while adding movement and volume. Ideal for all hair lengths and textures, they work exceptionally well on long locks as they help remove the majority while adding movement and body.

Pairing round layers with curtain bangs creates an effortlessly stylish yet low-maintenance style. To achieve the optimal result for this hairstyle, layers should be cut appropriately to prevent a “hole in the perimeter” effect due to misbranding layers.

To achieve the look, the secret lies in trusting a professional stylist rather than trying it yourself at home (you might end up looking like your five-year-old got at your locks while sleeping!). Sharp hair scissors with smooth edges like the ARC(TM) Scissors 6” PHANTOM II are essential in creating seamless layers that won’t catch on your scalp; then, let down your locks to show off this stunning new layered style!

Textured Layers

Rihanna proves layers are the ultimate hair hack for controlling wavy textures. She wears a shaggy bob with horizontal layers that add dimension and lift every wave in her mane. They also work for fine hair as they create volume for a soft yet full silhouette.

For an eye-catching textured look, ask your stylist to add chunky layers to your long hair reminiscent of bird feathers – this will add depth and dimension while being ideal for face framing.

Point cutting can also help with thick hair. Your stylist will snip shorter pieces at the ends of your locks to add movement and remove bulk. This method works on curly and straight locks; however, it may add the illusion of length for consecutive waves. Although point cutting can be performed at home with professional assistance available in your local salon, it may be beneficial for the best results.