Chrollo Lucilfer – The Leader of the Phantom Troupe With His hair Down

Nendoroids of Chrollo Lucilfer from Hunter x Hunter now come equipped with three facial expressions – standard expression, smiling expression and slicked back hair part! This new Nendoroid makes him even more collectible!

1. He looks like a gangster

Chrollo, leader of the Phantom Troupe and one of its strongest members. Charismatic and always around when least expected, Chrollo often gives gifts tailored specifically for your interests despite appearing charming. But behind his charm lies something dark. He is both intelligent and cunning, using his trademark slicked back hairstyle that reminds people of Italian gangsters against his enemies. When tracking down Neon Nostrade for an auction at Yorknew rescheduled at Yorknew auction rescheduled on a later date he disguises himself with a headband and shaggy haircut for effective protection from her father, Frank Nostrade. Kortopi’s ability to copy things and Shalnark’s ability to possess people are among his many ninja powers, along with shrinking people and summoning carnivorous fish.

2. He looks like a vampire

Chrollo’s eyes linger upon you as you try to appear nonchalant; yet you sense an anxious and pleasing sensation rise in your stomach as he examines what could potentially be an expensive cache or cave with hidden jewels. Chrollo, from Hunter x Hunter anime series, is a member of Phantom Troupe who has become popular with viewers due to his personality and style. Additionally, his use of Nen has made him one of the more powerful characters on-screen. Good Smile Company will soon release a Nendoroid figure of Chrollo Lucilfer, leader of Phantom Troupe. This figurine comes equipped with three interchangeable face plates: confident expression, smile, and cool-headed expression as well as a stand to display him proudly.

3. He looks like a ninja

Phantom Troupe member Chrollo is famously recognized for his long twin tails that he always keeps perfectly pulled back; yet fans believe that he appears even more handsome with them down. As one of the Phantom Troupe’s finest fighters, Machi considers him his strongest member; time after time in battle he has proven his mettle against Silva and Zeno – two incredibly skilled assassins – without losing. Chrollo Lucilfer from Hunter x Hunter can now be ordered as a Nendoroid figure! With three interchangeable facial expressions and a stand, don’t delay in placing your order! Preorder it today to guarantee yourself one!

4. He looks like a pirate

Chrollo Lucilfer from “HUNTER x HUNTER” returns as a Nendoroid from the popular anime series. This Nendoroid comes equipped with three face plates depicting his standard expression, smiling expression, and cool-headed face plate for you to recreate various scenes from the series. He also comes equipped with Bandit’s Secret accessory as an optional part to recreate various scenes from it! Furthermore, two hair parts (one with his hair down and another slicked back) complete the package! Chrollo is an endearing character with long locks he usually keeps pulled back into two ponytails at the back of his head, although some fans believe he looks best with it down – ultimately this decision rests with each viewer.

5. He looks like a superhero

Chrollo is one of the anime characters who is making headlines, thanks to his distinctive look that stands out. With long hair perfectly styled so as not to interfere with his face or make him unattractive when let down, many people have noted his appeal despite it. Nendoroid Phantom Troupe leader Bandit returns with three face plates including his standard expression, smiling expression, and cool-headed expression! Furthermore, this Nendoroid comes equipped with Bandit’s Secret so you can recreate combat scenes from the series! Chrollo is the leader of the Phantom Troupe in Hunter x Hunter and is known for his cunning and intelligence as well as being adept at disguising himself to hide in plain sight.