Short Over the Ear haircuts – Inverted Bob Style

You can achieve the stylish look you’ve always wanted with short over the ear haircuts. This style is known as a super short bob and is ideal for those who don’t want to look too polished. This is also called an inverted bob haircut. Inverted bobs are not as common as a classic layered bob. However, they are still stylish. The following are some benefits of this style.


The inverted bob haircut is a popular short over the ear style that is not easy to pull off, but the look has a lot of appeal. With long bangs, this style is great for thin hair. It gives the appearance of having short hair just above the eared line without the need to give up the look of long bangs. There are several types of over the eared haircuts, including those that are layered, with the inverted version being a bit spiky.