Short Over The Ear Haircuts For Women

Short, over-the-ear haircuts can be casual and fun or elegant and sophisticated, depending on how they’re styled. Their length tends to fall between a bob’s and fringe haircuts, with sides typically falling at or below ear level.

Add an air of femininity with a full fringe

Add an air of femininity to this cut with a full fringe that grazes your eyebrows. A blonde color with bright highlights will surely enhance your face’s elfin features and bring out its true potential.

Pixie with long side bangs

Long pixie with bangs is ideal for those with fine hair, as it adds texture, volume, and harmony. Perfect for busy lifestyles with endless styling possibilities – Scarlett Johansson has become adept at wearing various variations of this hairstyle, while Keira Knightley’s piecey pixie stands as proof. Michelle Williams’ gamine pixie with long side-swept bangs is another appealing choice for those with fine hair. It is easy to maintain, and suitable for almost every face shape. Additionally, it accentuates receding hairlines while framing receding hairlines to emphasize cheekbones.

Undercut with a long straight top

An undercut with a long, straight top is ideal for men who don’t mind making an impression. This disconnected undercut relies on the contrast between longer hair on top and shaved sides to create a striking bird-like aesthetic. Though incredibly stylish, the undercut can be relatively effortless to style. All it requires is some hair gel for that sophisticated, sleek appearance that will impress in business meetings or casual settings. Or you could opt for the pompadour variation of the undercut, which works exceptionally well on thick hair and makes for an eye-catching rockabilly style. Just ensure to use a strong-hold gel product to secure its look!

Layered bob

The layered bob is an adaptable hairstyle that complements any face shape, from rounder face shapes to oval. Wear it with long or short wispy bangs to add an eye-catching sexiness and look polished simultaneously! Perfect for women who wish to add texture by blow-drying straight or gently tousling their strands; or keep things natural by using sea salt spray or texturizing mousse to give some volume to their locks. A layered bob can add volume and movement for thin or medium hair types. Inquire with your stylist about feathered layers; these add movement while providing dimension to the strands.

Short shag

For an effortlessly feminine short shag haircut, look no further than this walnut-brown bob with deep side parting and swooping peek-a-boo bangs. This timeless style frames your face while adding plenty of face-lifting volume, making it perfect for women with fine hair. Add an edge to your shag with choppy baby bangs for a chic retro look. Their chin-grazing length and choppy texture make this style ideal for throwback cool girls. Pomade or hair wax helps this pixie shag become more structured without becoming overly formal, making it the ideal option for clients with curly locks who wish to experiment with short shag cuts.

Messy crop

A messy crop is a classic modern men’s haircut featuring short sides and longer locks on top. It is ideal for people with thinned-out locks, as it helps make their own appear fuller and healthier; it is also suitable for naturally curly or wavy locks. To style this style correctly, rub some matte hair clay between your palms before working it through your locks for an untidy, natural-looking result. One popular variation of the French crop haircut is a textured version with a rough and messy appearance, perfect for those with face-framing fringe.

Inverted bob

This short inverted bob with long side bangs is an elegant way to elevate the beauty of your locks. Thanks to its layers, which add texture and dimension, this cut fits the bill for everyone. Furthermore, its dark shades in the back contrast beautifully with light blonde highlights in the front, providing this haircut with an exquisite color palette. Women with fine hair may benefit from a textured inverted bob, as this style adds volume and thickens their locks. If blonde is your preference, request your stylist use balayage techniques for natural-looking highlights.

Short mohawk

Short mohawks can make for an eye-catching hairstyle that stands out. Easy to style, this look works with nearly every facial structure and works exceptionally well in work and school environments. However, before opting for this bold style, be aware of any policies around work or school policies regarding such bold styles and have reliable hair gel to ensure it remains standing all day long. The taper fade mohawk is an innovative take on traditional mohawk styles. As it goes down the head, its shorter sections gradually shorten while the remaining areas blend naturally into the skin texture. This look harkens back to ancient Trojan war helmets with their horsehair plumes but with modern touches. Wear this look with a dark leather jacket and Rayban Aviators for an on-trend Coachella look.