Long Hair With Balayage Highlights

Long, choppy bangs can provide the perfect frame for your face. From covering your eyes or reaching the bridge of your nose, center-parted wispy bangs make a dramatic statement when combined with long locks featuring balayage highlights.

Natural Beach Wave

This stunning beach-inspired choppy hairstyle looks incredible on blondes. They combine long layers with cascading side-swept bangs for an airy and soft style. Wavy textures add dimension, while bangs frame your face beautifully.

Penelope Cruz’s Signature Jaw-Length Stacked Bob

Penelope Cruz has made this chic, choppy style famous, and it works incredibly well for mature women who wish to keep their locks looking contemporary. Her signature jaw-length stacked bob with wispy side bangs frames the face beautifully while remaining easy to manage since there aren’t too many layers required – tuck any loose strands behind your ears for effortless style!

Deep Angular

This sharp and angular style works wonders on triangular face shapes by drawing attention to the eyes and nose. It works exceptionally well with bold colors like purple, cartoon red, or grey that stand out. While this look can look messy if styled improperly, it will still turn heads at any event or photoshoot!

Wavy Center-Parted Angular Cuts

Wavy, center-parted angular cuts are essential for women with long hair. The fringe adds movement and beachy flair, while the angled layers draw the eye toward your face for an iconic beauty look. Pair this classic beauty look with a bold lip for a timeless appeal!

Side-Swept Angled Bangs

Side-swept angled bangs are an elegant and timeless style that beautifully suits all hair colors and face shapes. Additionally, this look makes an excellent statement at work and special events, and can even cover up forehead wrinkles to look younger!

Soft Ends

Choppy fringe styles differ from their blunt or straight counterparts in that they feature shorter lengths of hair that blend in seamlessly, and this look works particularly well when styled on short pixie cuts or bobs, although long locks can benefit as well. Patchett recommends using a detangling brush to separate pieces of your choppy fringe, then finishing it with light creams like GM Reverie’s Rake for more texture and manageability.

Sweeped Fringe

One of the most fashionable styles for choppy long hair is to sweep its fringe to one side. This feminine style elongates the face, softens cheekbones, and makes cheekbones appear more delicate. It suits short and medium haircuts equally well and works well if your long-layered haircut features lots of movement; its contrast between choppy layers and the soft, tousled movement can instantly upgrade it!

Blunt Ends

Choppy bangs pair beautifully with layered bob haircuts, adding extra volume and length to this timeless style. Straight or curled, this look can give fine hair an appearance of fuller thickness; to achieve this fuller effect, use Nexxus Exxpand Volumizing Whip before styling for optimal results.

Slightly Textured Take

If you are still getting to embrace a full choppy fringe yet, your stylist for a slightly textured take on this trend. Choppy face-framing layers will add depth and an edgy vibe without making your style too messy.

Subtle Feminine Twist

Choose a soft fade on the ends of your locks to add a subtle, feminine twist to choppy, long hair with bangs. The gradual color blend will create an undone and natural appearance that seems as though your locks have always been this way; additionally, this delicate look draws more focus onto your eyes rather than rounder foreheads.