Burgundy hair For Black Women

Burgundy hair color for black women is an eye-catching hue that complements dark skin beautifully, making a bold yet sensual statement. Additionally, this hue works wonderfully in Kanekalon braids as its purple hue will go well with any purple tints in their braiding hair.

Wavy Bobs

Wavy bobs are one of the easiest ways to sport this beautiful shade and can easily be created using natural hair, big flex rods, or weave with a similar curl pattern.

Faux Locs

Faux locs are an increasingly popular protective hairstyle among black girls that gives the look of dreadlocks without the long-term commitment. Created by wrapping synthetic or real human hair around natural strands, faux locs offer versatility when worn in various ways. Burgundy faux locs add flair to any outfit; pair them with beaded crowns and big hoop earrings to complete your ensemble!

Box Braids

Thanks to their intricate pattern and deep red hue, small burgundy box braids can add an edgy and playful element to any look. Melanin-rich skin tones look particularly striking against these vibrant braids.

Chunky Twists

Chunky burgundy twists are another protective hairstyle that looks fantastic on African-American women. While they provide more weight and movement than box braids, they require only simple maintenance tricks for optimal performance.

Goddess Style

Add more drama and texture to your burgundy fro with a Goddess style! Its stacked and slayed edges will draw everyone’s eye. Complete this look by adding gold hair accessories and curls into braids; this hairstyle makes it ideal for summer as it protects braids from heat and humidity!

Burgundy Space Buns

Burgundy is an eye-catching shade, yet it can still make a subtle statement. One way burgundy highlights can help achieve this is with the balayage technique. Make an eye-catching statement using burgundy highlights to achieve a dark red ombre look.

Slicked Down Ponytail with Curls

Burgundy hair color makes an eye-catching statement and creates a look of royalty. You can dye it yourself using semi or demi-permanent dyeing solutions at home to achieve an eclectic style, or visit a professional for a permanent color that will last longer and look vibrant.

Mahogany Ombre

Burgundy can also be mixed with darker hues to produce an ombre effect. Brown, black, and red tones combine for a mahogany hue that suits her perfectly. This style remains professional enough for work environments while being stylish enough for going out with friends.

Slicked-Down Ponytail

A slicked-down ponytail is an elegant, sophisticated style that can take you seamlessly from work to social events in no time. This look pairs beautifully with accessories ranging from headbands and tiaras to bobble pins or beads for added fun.