Red Hair Color – Cherry Cola Meets Chocolate

Cherry Cola meets Dark Chocolate for this elegant balayage style, providing the perfect compromise between red and brown shades. It is ideal for women wanting to experiment with red hair but are wary about going all-out red with intense blood-red or orange hues.

Cool Undertones

Cool red hair color can accentuate light complexions with blue and pink tones in their skin, creating an eye-catching contrast against these highlights. Trending hues like peach cobbler, which looks similar to classic copper but with subtle golden and peachy tones that complement cool skin tones. To maintain bright and shiny strands, use Redken Colour Extend Brownlights Shampoo every two weeks for toning purposes and keep this hue looking its best!

Warm Undertones

If you have a warm complexion, red hair colors like strawberry blonde or honey brown will highlight your golden undertones and make you appear radiant and glowing. Rich brunette shades such as mahogany or chestnut will also balance out your warm complexion, creating the illusion of a bright and shining skin tone.

Light Undertones

If your client has a lighter complexion, adding warm chocolate brown highlights or micro ombre is an easy and stunning way to make their hair even more vibrant and attractive. The shade will complement their skin tone and make their eyes seem brighter! This shade is ideal for clients who desire red hair but are uncomfortable with maintaining its maintenance requirements of full-on brunette or fiery orange colors.

Medium Undertones

As intoxicating as its namesake, this deep red shade exudes decadence on warm skin tones. Olive skin tones and hazel eyes will significantly benefit from this striking hue. If you prefer low-maintenance options, a chocolate cherry shade transforms your look. Starting as milky brown and gradually transitioning to red-orange over time, it is easier than traditional red shades since its effect lasts longer between touchups.