Afro Hairstyles For Short Hair

Sleek and seductive, this look is ideal for curly or kinky locks. To achieve its signature slicked finish, an edge control gel such as that from ORS can help shape and define your edges to give an effortlessly sophisticated aesthetic. If your regular Afro has become dull, try this gorgeous twist-out style for something new and chic! Perfect for using pastel dyes!

1. Classic Afro

If you’re new to natural hair or desire an effortless classic style, try this classic afro style. Its denser top and closely cropped sides create an eye-catching and striking appearance, creating an elegant and eye-catching appearance. This look is great for women with diamond or oblong face shapes. Perfect for formal events, yet casual enough to wear casually, water spray or moisturizer regularly will ensure fresh, hydrated curls.

2. Tapered Afro

A Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) is the ultimate low-maintenance natural hairstyle. This cut can look amazing when executed correctly with professional styling services, an appropriate dye, and an attentive wash day routineic! Shape-up hairstyles involve shaving a small tapered section around your hairline to add structure and sharpness to curvier cheeks. This look strikes an excellent balance between femininity and edge, particularly if combined with a pastel bandana. The contrast between large curls at the crown and smoothed-back sides is hitting.

3. Afro Braid

Finger coils are a unique and adorable way to style short natural afros. Easy to maintain and comfortable to sleep on, this protective style is a popular protective style among black women. Add an edge to your hair with an Afro Caesar cut that resembles a mohawk, featuring fades and line-ups for an attractive, feminine style.

4. Dread Afro

If you want to give your curls more structure, a dread afro may be just what they need. This style features a bandana that pushes up and makes your coils seem bigger. Dreadlocks can be an excellent protective style for natural hair and an exciting way to experiment with different colors. Before going for this style, be sure to consult a loctician to achieve optimal results.

5. Round Afro

Heart-shaped faces look lovely with most afro hairstyles; short, natural, tapered cuts may accentuate cheekbones, while round afros with head scarves can add elegance. This afro style features large curls that have been broken down or combed until they reach this texture. To maintain this afro style, trim strands regularly and use hair mousse to keep the shape.

6. Afro Bandana

A tapered cut effectively ensures afro hair remains neat, as it accentuates face-framing curls while emphasizing natural bounce in its style. Be creative instead: Instead of shaving the sides like a mohawk, try braiding them instead to form a faux fro-hawk look that’s both easy to maintain and adorable! This creates a faux fro-hawk style. Use a deep conditioner to keep your Afro from becoming frizzy or unruly. Wrapping it at night in a satin bonnet is another effective way of prolonging its style’s lifespan.

7. Shot Afro

If you want the look of cornrows but are still deciding whether to commit to full Mohawk, try this cute style try this cute style. Perfect for textured types 3-4 hair types, this in-between hairstyle can be worn anywhere from school or special events – moisturize with curl-enhancing gel and accessorize with colorful accessories for an eye-catching style! This gorgeous afro updo is ideal for date night. By using metal combs to separate your coils, this updo adds visual interest and emphasizes your natural curls.

8. Afro Twist

Afro twists are an elegant way to add style and flair to your hair. Wear it plain, or add an eye-catching bandana for an eye-catching look. This slicked-back bun looks incredibly cute on a black woman with curly locks and is easy to maintain, making it the ideal style choice for busy lifestyles. Flat-out styles may take more time and skill, but they’re well worth your while! Flat-outs look adorable on women with curly locks while protecting them simultaneously.

9. Afro Hat

The shot afro haircut is perfect for anyone looking to add some flare to their natural locks. To achieve this style, curl your locks into a “Shot Afro” shape before pushing back to leave your forehead free from hair. Make sure your Afro looks its best by using a heat protectant before styling it. We suggest the SHRINE Drop It Colour line of products, including conditioner and bleach toner, that will help your curls remain strong.