Chocolate Highlights on Black Hair

Highlights can dramatically transform the appearance of your hair. When selecting the ideal highlight colors, ensure they complement your natural skin tone and base color.

Warm Tones

Chocolate brown hair color with warm tones is especially well-suited to those with warmer skin tones. Dusky complexions might prefer darker tones of chocolate brown, while fair to medium faces tend to prefer golden or honey hues of this hue. Balayage techniques are also fantastic for adding dimension and chicness to wavy strands in bob styles.

Cool Tones

Women with cool undertones look wonderful when their hair features dark chocolate hues with reddish tints. If you love golden blonde highlights, ask your stylist to perform a balayage that blends them seamlessly into your chocolate brown locks for an all-over lived-in look. This sun-kissed balayage is ideal for women with cool skin tones, as the gradual fade from dark to light cappuccino works beautifully with olive or brown eyes.

Light Tones

Even if you’ve always assumed your jet-black locks weren’t suitable for highlights, it may be time for a change of perspective. At your next salon visit, ask your stylist to create a soft balayage style featuring milk and dark chocolate brown shades blended with cappuccino highlights – creating a gorgeous ombre style that looks almost like your strands had been doused in caramel sauce! Chunky ice blonde balayage pieces at the ends of this medium chocolate brown bob help frame the face and are particularly flattering on those with cool skin tones.

Dark Tones

Chocolate brown hair looks fantastic on girls with cool skin tones, especially those who opt for milk and dark golden highlights to give their style a unique flair. Subtle balayage techniques will add just the right amount of fiery red to your dark chocolate locks without overwhelming them. Balayage highlights are an ideal choice for brunettes with straight hair. This style looks incredibly stunning on medium chocolate brown locks like this layered bob with face-framing layers for added polish and glamour.