How to Wear Chocolate Highlights on Black Hair

If you want to add subtle highlights to your black hair, ask your stylist for an elegant mixture of dark and light browns for a natural yet timeless style that works in all settings. This method provides natural-looking results that are perfect for all situations.

Bambi brown is an understated shade designed to complement olive skin tones, pairing well with copper tones or classic balayage techniques. Give this hue a try today!

Sun-Kissed Highlights

Sun-kissed black hair highlights are subtler yet eye-catching than other techniques, bringing lightening effects without overwhelming them. For sleek or textured styles, sun-kissed highlights can lighten natural shades without overshadowing them. Apply them around the forehead and cheekbones (known as “money pieces”) before applying them throughout your locks for an effortlessly radiant summertime look!

Balayage Highlighting

Balayage highlighting is a popular method of freehand painting each strand to achieve a gradual gradient effect. This style works for all types of black hair but especially suits medium brown tones since it emphasizes their warmth. Pair golden sandy highlights with ashy blonde or soft honey hues for a stunning beachy summer look like you just returned from vacation! Additionally, warm hues work perfectly when using Kulot since their warm tones highlight the curl structure.

Warm Highlights

If you have a dark-haired beauty who enjoys sporting warm highlights, chestnut brown is an irresistible hue to try for warm highlights. As this shade combines elements from both blonde and brown shades, it works beautifully with naturally dark hair colors without looking bleached or stark. Make the most of its beauty and use it sparingly around your face for an attractive, youthful glow.

Cola brown highlights make an excellent option for warming up warm brunette locks. With just the slightest hint of red but deeper than classic copper tones, they pair wonderfully with jet-black hair and add depth. For an organic finish, use Blondor Freelights 9% before applying Color Fresh CREATE for spot coloring techniques in specific spots for an ombre-esque approach.

Ribbon Highlights

For an eye-catching effect, ribbon highlights that alternate vertically between two colors can add drama. As an offshoot of traditional balayage, this variation offers an effective solution to upgrading solid dark locks. At the same time, it is “an ideal beginner-friendly way of exploring lighter hues,” notes Papanikolas.

Cool Highlights

Cool blonde highlights add contrast and depth to dark chocolate locks, drawing the eye in with vibrant contrast and depth. Your stylist can add this dimension by painting thin strands of light brown on the lower half of your bob and blending it with its natural hair color – this shade works particularly well if you have cool skin tones.

An added touch of icy blonde will accentuate your browline and bring an alluring shine to your facial features. Apply highlights that are several shades lighter than the chocolate brown base color before toning with BlondorPlex and Color Touch 5/0 for best results.

Auburn hues look exquisite against black hair, especially when highlighted with caramel-hued caramel brown highlights. This rich, glossy shade makes you feel glamorous and will help complete any look: pair it with an eye-catching black gown for date night or wear it to parties for Insta-worthy selfies! For best results, use shampoo and conditioner designed to tame frizz while restoring shine – such as Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive Conditioner, specially formulated to treat colored locks to keep them looking their best!

Multi-Tone Highlights

Create an authentically sun-kissed effect with cool brown highlights on black hair. Choose from light chocolate or iced mocha tints – they add subtle dimension without overshadowing your dark shade. Try face-framing highlights or scatter them throughout for an earthy effect that is sure to please!

Add dimension and vibrancy to your face with fiery red streaks for a striking highlight that adds dimension. These daring color choices look particularly beautiful on black locks when styled undone, carefreely.

Purple panels offer another striking way to highlight black hair. Try one of the Koleston Perfect Vibrant Reds portfolio’s deep plum shades, such as 0/65 or 0/66, for stunning yet natural-looking hues.

Take it a step further for an eye-catching caramel blonde highlight on black hair by shifting up four levels lighter. Avoid going beyond this point, however, as too much contrast could veer into a bronde style and cause too much difference between more golden highlights near the roots or when working them in using your balayage technique.