5 Cool African American Men Haircuts

The Afro Fade

Black men have many cool haircuts to show off their unique, kinky hair texture. Style options for them range from cornrows, two-strand twists, sponge twists, and mohawks – each should be maintained through regular trims and applying essential moisturizing oils to the scalp and hair. This style blends classic afro elements with modern fade details for an eye-catching appearance. To maintain this cut’s integrity and keep it looking its best, use a nourishing conditioner and regularly comb out your afro to avoid becoming dry and frizzy.

Long Kinky Curls with Low Fade

Make a first impression at work or school with long, kinky curls by styling them with a low fade and neat lineup, complete with regular trims from your barber. Be sure to visit him frequently for professional ornaments!

The Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is the ideal hairstyle for men with textured locks, as it helps tame their look while cutting grooming time in half. Paired with a temple fade, it creates an eye-catching combination that looks great with beards. This style features a trendy angled line on each side for added class. The top is higher than the sides to balance its look against beard growth.

The Undercut

The Undercut is a unique haircut featuring differing lengths between the top and sides. It first made waves again in 2013 after appearing as part of Peaky Blinders on BBC, when its protagonists donned aggressive ‘Gangster-inspired’ haircuts similar to 1920s styles. Men with square or diamond-shaped faces should consider opting for this classic choice, as it helps soften any sharp features on their faces.

The 360 Wave

Three hundred sixty waves or spinnas is an eye-catching style made famous by rapper Nelly, creating a circular ripple effect around the head. This hairstyle requires heavy styling and brushing for the best results; black men with short hair are best suited to wearing this hairdo. This style works well with a low-drop skin fade or shaved part. Ask your barber to align the sides for an even neater finish.

The High-Low Fade

Like other fades, a high-low fade haircut begins short along the back and sides before gradually increasing length near the ears. This style is ideal for men with longer locks who wish to keep their measurements but still add some edge. Try this bold combo of textured top and facial hairstyle combinations for black men to achieve a striking look. The contrast between flat top and fade hairstyles creates an exciting juxtaposition that’s especially impressive on men of color.

The Spinner Wave

Those with natural curly locks should allow them to loosen by growing them out in this distinctive yet low-maintenance style, featuring high fades and hook parts for an eye-catching hair design. This classic haircut for black men exudes style and professionalism, featuring a short sponge twist to add subtle texture. Customization options include adding a lineup or design on either side for extra flare.

The Edge Up

This dapper style, commonly called a “shape up,” helps create a clean, defined appearance that works well with any haircut. Try pairing it with low fades for an even more significant impact! Red Alert Combo makes creating edge-up hairstyles more accessible than ever with its combination of Red Alert Max Hold Retention Foam, Glass Pre-Wipe Edge-Up Solution, and straight razor. Perfect for both barbers and at-home users alike.

The Sponge Twist

The hair Twist Sponge is a dual-sided sponge designed to help quickly create dreads and tight, twisted curls. Reusable, affordable, and suitable for men, women, and children of all ages – it makes styling your locks more accessible than ever! Plus, its non-hazardous soft texture means it’s safe for the scalp and hair, as well as helping hydrate, repair, and heal chemically treated tresses quickly! Super convenient if you lead busy lives!

The Tapered Fade

One of the best afro hairstyles for black men, this stunning style keeps natural curls at medium length on top while fading them into a clean skin fade and features a shaved design to emphasize your head shape. This style features a classic lower fade with an easy maintenance routine using conditioner and a wave brush.