Chocolate Brunette Hair Highlights

Chocolate brown hair looks lovely when styled with highlights in various forms, from baby lights and highlight strips to subtle ombre. Olive skin and hazel eyes pair perfectly with chocolate-hued locks!

Brunette hues have become trendy this season, with celebrities and influencers opting for rich merlot hues or dramatic balayage to achieve this look. Here are our favorites:

Short Chopped Bob

If you have short hair, a choppy bob can be an excellent way to add dimension and sophistication to your style. Add highlights for an eye-catching effect. This chocolate brown angled choppy bob from the 90s offers the ideal summery vibes. Choppy bobs can also work wonders for thin hair, providing volume and texture that flat hair cannot match. This short, choppy bob is a gorgeous example, looking stylish with platinum blonde highlights. Teasing your choppy bob is another enjoyable way to style it and will add personality and depth. Additionally, adding lowlights may give it a more delicate and refined appearance.

Dark Ombre

If you prefer natural-looking brown hair, try a subtle ombre style. Achieve this look by selecting colors close to your natural shade and employing the balayage technique; fine-haired individuals may benefit from adding volume with this method that blends in seamlessly with roots. For an eye-catching effect, you could highlight your brown strands with caramel or honey shades for an eye-catching style that highlights all of your best features. This look works particularly well on women with light to medium skin tones. For something bolder, why not opt for a vibrant red ombre? This color will beautifully complement any chocolate brown hairstyle while matching various outfits perfectly.

Caramel Highlights

Dark brown hair is already stunning in its own right, but when coupled with warm caramel highlights, it becomes truly exquisite. A caramel balayage can instantly brighten and add depth to any style – especially ideal for brunettes who don’t want their shade going too light and risk damage to their locks. Lighter brown tones fade seamlessly into warm caramel to create an undetectable, natural-looking highlight effect. This balayage style can look incredible with almost any haircut, including bangs! Halle Berry rocked this style on the 2021 Oscars red carpet by sporting a short, layered bob with curtain bangs to give her rocker edge vibes. Instead, opt for an all-over balayage with caramel highlights that blend seamlessly into the base color for an “aged” effect that requires minimum maintenance. This shade will give your locks that stunning “lived-in” look!

Braided Ponytail

Braid your hair into an intricate design for an effortlessly beautiful hairstyle. This timeless trend makes wearing this style easy, making you stand out from the crowd while being suitable for any special event or celebration. Try bold colors like red for an eye-catching finish that lasts all day. Add loose, wavy curls for a unique and eye-catching summertime look! Braid your ponytail as usual, but add open, wavy coils for an eye-catching, playful style that makes for the ideal finish. Create an eye-catching heart-shaped ponytail by braiding each strand to form a heart shape with your ponytail strands. This look is romantic and beautiful – use hair styling gel to slick back your locks before beginning this braiding technique near the scalp.

Medium Chocolate Brown Hair

Women with chocolate hair appear elegant and dramatic while simultaneously romantic and feminine. Additionally, these women are considered trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated partners. Jasmine Tookes’ vibrant brunette color and golden highlights perfectly complement her glowing complexion. If you have dark brown locks like Jasmine Tookes’, be sure to use a color-safe shampoo to avoid it becoming brassy over time. If you prefer not to have highlights, you can still achieve an alluring chocolate brunette look by applying a lightener to your roots. Here, she used a cool cinnamon hue to give her long bob some natural faded hue and dimension while styling with small mahogany highlights and loose beach waves for an eye-catching result that flatters any face shape.